Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #167

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #167

Date: 2nd May 2024

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  1. Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gulsah, Ezinne, Vivek, Attila, Mike D, Szymon, Darshan, Skyler, Gökay, Bayram, Meven, Anna
  1. Testing

  1. Release Schedule

  • CODE 24.04.2 Expected to be released today

  • CODE 24.04.3 Expected to be release in the next week.

  • Mobile releases are in testing mode ……

    • Builds created

      • available in the testflight

      • 1 blocker to go for Android hopefully to have this fixed

  1. Online Activity

  • PRs in need for attention (Please add here any PR that needs attention)

  • PRs without reviewer

  • → needs to be rebased and force pushed

  • Nicolas

  • Cosmin

  • Julius

  • Nextcloud 29 released

  • Quite some fixes also backported to older releases

    • Updating files when running out of quota

    • Issues with open locally, we now terminate the session properly before handing over to local editing

    • Fix for using different URLs for internal communication

  • Ongoing work on polishing the guest name picker and cleanup of some very old code

  • Doing some testing and screen recordings around usability and performance

  • Attila

  • Working on a WMF image issue [now and deleting text from other user)
    Found how to make it work, but not finished yet.

  • Aron

    • There is no update for 24.04 release this week. Next week

    • Bump version PR ended up being merged already

  • Szymon

  • Done: cell number format in Calc was broken when using multiple sessions with different languages

  • Current: view jump in Calc on row insertion by other user

  • Next: Pedro’s report - now unotoolbuttons are being enable/disable but the inner child is not being enabled or disabled: search previous and search next

  • Darshan

  • Accessibility:

    • change table layout in toolbar #8587 = >Merged

    • Wrap input[type=‘edit’] control with a parent div #8702 → merged but now we need to chase any CSS problems that are still occurring

  • Tablet - initialize UI after server reconnection #8950 => Merged

  • Next:

  • Vivek

  • Modification in Manage conditional formatting dialog. => WIP

  • Antony

  • Michael Performance

  • Background saving for 24.04

    • Needs enabling by default for next release

    • Modified state tracking needs finishing.

    • More unit tests are good.

  • Caolan performance

  • Considering CallbackFlushHandler + embedded “subTimer” 100ms combination

  • ensure canvases on pre-loading tile requests

  • Watchdog profiles

  • next, dns stalls seen in watchdog profiles

  • Bayram

  • (Pause) : Bug (Enhancement) : “Support Power Query in XLSX”

  • (In Progress) - Assistance Functionalities: Automatic text completion of columns/rows

    • patch (merged): - Convert Control.Mention.js to Control.Mention.ts #8981

    • now: creating subclass to trigger a AutoFill popup menu (uses the Mention popup structure) that supposed to be open after AutoFill of cells done.

      • Entries: “Copy cells”, “Fill series”
  • Skyler

  • Mobile releases

    • Waiting for an Apple review

    • While that’s going on, I’m solving some other bugs (e.g. viewport moving offscreen when inputs are selected, issues with mobile wizard submenus moving the screen, etc.)

  • Document scrolling outside of bounds

  • Following UI pixel weirdness when zooming

    • Because the border around the chip is around multiple elements, sometimes things overflow as browsers scale css

    • Might not be particularly possible to fix without changing how we display following in upsetting ways :frowning:

  • Document edge panning

    • Only partial for the moment, but the approach I’m looking at seems promising…
  • Pranam

  • Gökay

  • Continues:

    • Replace lat & long logic with twips / pixels.

    • Sending new improvements.

  • Some small fixes and reviews.

  • Copy text with comments issue. Has a PR but needs to check the tests also.

  • Hubert

  • MERGED Calc: Hiding gridlines -

  • MERGED In read only mode restrict presentation mode if download is disabled or watermark enabled

  • Still Working on a Drupal integration

  • Gulsah

  • Automatic font color problem in dark mode when we have background color

  • Paused to working on Calc “Edit Current Style” gear on sidebar. Present on Writer but not in Calc.

    • It doesn’t implemented on core. So I need to work on core first
  • Calc formula auto complete feature

  • Neil

  • Andras

  • Pedro

  • Last fixes got in before the release and PR reviews

  • Timur

  • Méven

  • Cor

    • Reviewing/testing localized shortcuts, accesskeys etc

    • Now investigating templates and issues related to templates (how we can improve)

  • Forum (Mike D)

Answered 4 posts this week + Cor/Meeks/Pedro helped answer too.

Potential Bug

  • A user reported an issue with the big “mobile teardrops” appearing when highlighting text.

    • I confirmed in Docker+Nextcloud / Writer+Calc (git hash: 70a89a4d)

    • (The user deleted their account/topic before I could respond.)

Confirmed Bugs

Key Topics

Besides that, a couple fun ones:

  1. Next events

  2. Next meeting

  • 16****/05/2024