Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #173

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #173

Date: 20th Jun 2024

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  1. Attendees (write your name):

  • Anna, Attila, Richard, Szymon, Skyler, Hub, Meven, Ezinne, Mike D, Bayram, Michael,
  1. Testing

  1. Release Schedule

  • CODE: Next week.

  • Mobile releases for 24.04 expected to happen by the end of Month.

  1. Online Activity

  • PRs in need for attention (Please add here any PR that needs attention)

  • PRs without reviewer

  • now 2

  • Julius

  • Nextcloud 29 released

  • Getting much more frequent races causing a download of the file … when clicked. (Michael)

    • seems like a richdocuments / Nextcloud race… perhaps more plugins installed …

    • now have etc. in the list here … probably related to this.

  • Quite some fixes also backported to older releases

    • Updating files when running out of quota

    • Issues with open locally, we now terminate the session properly before handing over to local editing

    • Fix for using different URLs for internal communication

  • Ongoing work on polishing the guest name picker and cleanup of some very old code

  • Doing some testing and screen recordings around usability and performance

  • Thorsten

    • No update
  • Attila

  • Finished the pieChart issue. (Leader line color, and width was wrong )
    also fixed pieChart Label position export to OOXML.

  • Andras

    • No update
  • Szymon

  • showing some useful information about the server for admins – done

  • view jump in Calc on row insertion by other user

    • fixed tests
  • fixed video playback with load balancer

  • fixed showing admin popups for regular users

  • Next: long style previewel s load – images generation on demand

  • Next: Pedro’s report - now unotoolbuttons are being enable/disable but the inner child is not being enabled or disabled: search previous and search next

  • Darshan

  • Fix audit icon error in dark mode 9262 => Merged

  • Fix congested comment section in mobilewizard 9255 => Merged

  • Add missing icons for dark mode in 24.04 9248 => Merged

  • Print slides with notes #9198 => **Merged

    • Fixing sub task for print slides. Print slides with notes have very strange behaviour if theme is dark mode. => In Progress
  • Presentations: Ruler #8966 => In Review => Will merge next week for our next CODE release => Merged

  • Typescript conversion of Ruler.js. Next will create base class for ruler which will help to remove duplication of code occurring in horizontal and vertical ruler file.

  • Next:

    • More improvements on accessibility stuff
  • Aron

    • nothing to add
  • Michael “Performance” Meeks ^^

  • Concerned about profile not showing much threading in tile compression much.

    • Found and fixed a background save regression where we shut down threads & didn’t start them again.
  • Super helpful firefox patch that significantly accelerates zstd & unpremultiply

    • based on Chris Lord’s work → being
  • Bayram

  • (In Progress) - Enhancement - tdf#158857: Keep Power Query when saving XLSX

    • core: (WIP)

    • submitted patchset 16:

      • export , and

      • add ExcDocument::addElemensToAttrList() function to reduce duplicates of export with css::uno::Sequence

      • add Connection::getSequenceOfAny(…) function to reduce duplicates

    • now: next: import&export and elements

  • Skyler

  • iOS

  • Android

    • Working on an issue where tiles at certain zoom level render blank when you load the document, so you can’t see the content at that zoom level unless you invalidate them

    • Also working on updating build to use later sdk/ndk/gradle/etc. so we are able to build 24.04. I have everything working except Valencian language support

  • Hubert

  • No updates

  • Vivek

    • Improvements around conditional formatting dialog → awaiting for review
  • Méven

  • Forum (Mike D)

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