Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #25

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #25

Date: May 20, 2021

Next meeting: May 27, 2021

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  • Pedro, Nicolas, Kara, Cor, Pranam, Szymon, Gabriel, Kendy, Thorsten, Andras, Gokay, Andreas, Michael, Rizal

Community update (Muhammet)

  • CodeQL alerts → easy hacks with them

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Pedro)

  • All blockers form last week solved except one → tooltips

    • Rashesh on it.
  • All major ones are solved

  • Might turn to easy hacks for cypress tests for notebookbar

    • Need more hands here

Canvas / Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • More improvements here reducing flicker and further improving performance

  • mostly by avoiding doing work multiple times in the JS

  • many fixes queued for in 6.4.9

  • Still planning to blog about this – lots more JS sillies to look at.

Icon theming (css class names) (Pedro)

  • No updates

  • After native sidebars are done

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Kendy: Last change was file have to be automatically moved

  • After that we will be able to ship in testing mode

Pull requests

CI – FreeBSD setup (Andras)

  • All setup and working, thanks to arrowd.

Commit Access

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Sidebar (szymon)

  • Started native sidebar

  • Demoing…

  • Visible but not all functional

  • Working on fixing small issues


  • Improvements from Dennis

  • Removed support for the shortcuts

  • Dennis adding back

  • Same shortcuts will be usable as in LibreOffice, and ability to rotate between different mappings

PDF Rendering (Gökay)

  • PDF files by whole not page by page anymore

  • Removed some bits

  • By next week, we will have a working example

  • One or 2 patches will be left

Kubernetes documentation (Pranam)

  • All done, and merged. (Andras)

  • Pranam did great research on k8s

    • With stock tools available, setup works with COOL and exchange service

    • Updated docs, and will have a blog post also

  • Using a single or multiple proxy pods ? (Gabriel)

    • One service in K8s (kendy)

    • Config as one pod

    • Need to sync between multiple pods (Gabriel)

    • We have multiple

    • We recommend for setup, one proxy and multiple COOL instances (kendy)

    • To have one proxy pod, and multiple COOL shouldn’t be issues, but not tested on very large scale

    • Multiple proxy pods won’t be a problem (Pranam)

    • How to solve collab editing issues? (Gabriel)

    • In case of multiple proxy pods, using he same hash, there shouldn’t be a problem (kendy)

    • If 2 haproxy pods generate hashes in different ways, that might cause problems (kendy)

  • Is it hashed on WOPISRC ? (Gabriel)

    • don’t know if two pods will hash to the same thing ?

    • Assuming the hash generates the same thing should go to the same server for the same WOPISRC (Kendy)

    • Config is what ? (Michael)

      • balance url_param WOPISrc check_post (Kendy)

        • so we speculate here (Michael)

          • need to be certain.
        • It is possible there is dynamic hashing (Kendy)

          • if it does the sensible thing – generate hash first,.
    • Lets not speculate (Michael)

      • why have multiple haproxy pods ? Just have one.
    • Eager to see what solution is used for this (Gabriel)

      • 1&1 use a common database with synchronized access …

      • A single point of failure for where the user goes ? (Michael)

        • but can have an HA database for this (Gabriel)
    • In our config constrained to a single pod (Kendy)

      • Docs say that hash is divided by weights of servers

      • as long as no server goes up or down, it is deterministic.

      • Need to understand what the weight of server is too.

        • This algorithm is static by default, which means

        that changing a server’s weight on the fly will have no
        effect, but this can be changed using “hash-type”.

  • Would love to share a solution between us (Michael)

    • also would like a better solution (Gabriel)

      • distribution is round-robin; would like to improve based on resource metrics.

Release schedule bits (Andras)

  • CODE 6.4.8-7

    • some cosmetic / icon selection changes.

    • Waiting for it to pass CI.

  • CODE 6.4.9

    • still blocking on async save.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)