Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #30

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #30

Date: June 24, 2021

Next meeting: July 01, 2021

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  • Gabriel, Ezinne, Symon, Cor, Andras, Nicolas, Michael, Muhammet, Gokay, Pedro

Community update (Muhammet)

Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • Mert’s wavy-line bits going through CI

  • Pranam’s image scaling profiling / Andras.

    • several ideas here …

    • found lots of excessive immediate painting going on.

  • More Profiling work to close gaps → Tor

    • been merged to cp-6.4 mostly.
  • Dennis → working on improving table pieces too.

  • Henry → fixing calc interactivity & drag and drop selection.

  • JS stringification of images performance & GC saving (Michael)

  • Benchmark with six people typing into a document – trying to measure improvements there (Michael)

Native sidebars (Szymon)

  • working on other popups than the color picker

    • implemented these; now trying to do some cleanup in the code.

    • Now we have line-styles working

  • Next:

    • Looking for other instances of popups to fix.

    • some fixes for multiple-users needed, missing some updates.

  • Pedro will start to theme layout soon.

  • gitpod should now be working vs co-2021 for Andreas K & others

    • so should be easy to help out with the sidebar / CSS
  • Szymon did a demo of the new sidebar

  • Interested in difference between sidebar & toolbar colors (Gabriel)

    • should be in-sync, but - perhaps with new sidebar may help (Szymon)

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Should now all be merged … using it now

  • Reviewed & merged the WOPI access SSL context cleanup from Ash just now.

  • ~nearly done – bar the bug fixing.

Pull requests (Muhammet)

  • one awaiting a response from the contributor – needs their DCO / sign-off

  • new mattermost plugin committer: adding features, requesting things, and seeking reviews.

    • Muhammet and Kendy trying to help out there.

Commit Access

Stability bits (Gabriel)

  • Any joy with ASAN ? (Michael)

    • not yet.
  • Don’t see any more crashes related to mpWindowImpl bits

    • have some other crashes that are un-related under heavy use

      • still chasing these
    • but overall some improvements.

  • Next step – testing cp-6.4.9

  • missing a docker/ folder ?

    • Where do you look for that ? (Andras)

      • its only on master.

      • can take the scripts from master and build any version including 6.4

Ongoing work (Michael)

  • Szymon implemented support for HTTP 302 re-direction from WOPI servers

    • see IBM/FileNet using this to move from http → https etc.
  • Change tracking as comments fixed by Dennis.

  • Some CI intermittency fixed by Michael

  • missing Kendy’s overview here.

Design Bits

  • hope to see lots of aesthetic wins in calc

  • improvements in welcome dialog

  • need to ensure they are tested & stable.

  • New connecting animation / busy popup

    • elegant way → one SVG, and theming it – depending on the app type

      • so it looks nice in each app without duplicating SVG or code behind.
    • Want to improve to target mobile & tablet

    • Good stuff – improving dialogs coming from core

      • will affect online positively: eg. CSV / text import

CI / Cypress bits (Pedro)

  • Need to make it more stable, thankful for Rashesh’s work

  • a problem in 6.4 – perhaps why many pull requests are not passing

    • good news: found the culprit – Canvas from the sidebar

    • have two options:

      • try to close the sidebar before we do any tests regarding annotations – perhaps easiest

        • or
      • try to find out what’s up with the sidebar in 6.4 with annotations

        • closing sidebar – can give a ghost panel there.
    • Can we file a ticket for Dennis on the sidebar/annotations – and get CI green again quickly for now.

Release schedule bits (Timar)

  • CODE 6.4.10

    • plan to build & test it tomorrow friday

    • any volunteer testers welcome at 13:00 CET on IRC in #cool-dev

    • release planned for next week.

LibreOffice Conference (Muhammet)

  • June 30th the deadline for applications – we have ~1 week to get papers in.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, July 01, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)