Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #31

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #31

Date: July 01, 2021

Next meeting: July 08, 2021

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  • Cor, Andras, Nicolas, Michael, Muhammet, Ezinne, Pedro, Szymon, Kendy, Pedro

Community update (Muhammet)

Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • Mert’s wavy-line bits merged & shipped in CODE 6.4.10

  • Pranam’s image scaling profiling / Andras.

    • Not got logs of scaling, Pranam on holiday.

    • Still suspicious that we’re scaling images to render
      to a 1x1 empty / hidden window canvas

  • More Profiling work to close gaps → Tor …

  • Dennis → working on further improvement to writer table pieces.

    • Has a patch, but problems with CI – it is in cp-6-4 but not master due to CI.
  • Henry → fixing calc interactivity & drag and drop selection.

  • Benchmark with six people typing into a document (Mert)

    • found another 40% of paintTile being wasted CPU cycles

    • very slow JQuery/selector foo during startup.

    • Nodejs stuff is waay slower with JSDom – good for profiling & finding things

CI downtime (master) (Kendy)

  • Rash disabling the problematic test in master & on cp-6-4

  • Meanwhile the problem has been diagnosed, and is being fixed.


    • has been red for ~three days.
  • In future – when we have a problematic test: should disable it fast

    • and spend the time to debug & fix it / re-write it.

    • In this case – only failing on the CI machine.

  • Rash is going to watch tinderbox & keep it green.

Native sidebars (Szymon)

  • did some cleanup on the popups

  • enabled all the popups that we can find in the sidebar.

  • Can be tested on this staging instance here.

  • Missing some styling (Pedro)

    • need to work out how to polish 6.4.x and 2021

    • polishing JSDialog bits in 6.4

    • need to devote some time to the sidebar

    • but can’t forget about consistency in our JSDialogs
      and how they appear on mobile

      • using w2ui widgets for dialogs:

        • “sevrer is restarting” etc.
      • Would be nice to have this for tablets / phones.

      • Have some mockups.

  • Next:

    • some fixes for multiple-users is missing some sidebar updates for some users.

Async Saving (Michael)

  • merged & shipping in CODE 6.4.10

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Lots of easy-wins around testing

    • nice improvement of canvas / document-container etc.

      • in a very nice state now.

      • Need to be sure that when a dialog is open / when a tooltip appears

      • that nothing messed up positions / indexes etc.

      • lots of these fixed in 6.4.10 but …

    • mostly focused on this

      • consistency, sidebar & improvements around doc. container: toolbars.

Pull requests (Muhammet)

  • one awaiting a response from the contributor – needs their DCO / sign-off

  • new mattermost plugin committer: adding features, requesting things, and seeking reviews.

    • Muhammet and Kendy trying to help out there.

Commit Access

Stability bits (Andras)

  • Now spamming the team with Kit SEGV backtraces as/when

  • Also looking at getting ASAN setup.

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • releasing 6.4.10 – with async-save the biggest thing

  • otherwise focus mostly on performance & visual improvements

iOS / Android perf (Nicolas)

  • Installed APK snapshots from the download repo – is that right ?

    • We made apk snapshots from 6.4.10 (Andras)

      • 6.4.10 – shouldn’t be surprising it’s still slow ? (Nicolas)
    • Pranam on vacation now.

  • Not image related – tried on documents with Android 8 / Android 10 – slow.

  • Can we build one for Nicolas from before the canvas work ? (Michael)

  • what’s the difference ARM64-v8a and ARMabi-v7a ?

    • Targetted at different platforms: (Andras)

      • both of them seem to work

      • Produce both of these, combine & up-load to the play store &
        the device grabs which it prefers.

  • Am installing the June 29th APK.

  • Issue number:

  • Aware that the snapshot page should be slightly less confusing (Pedro)

    • can be a blocker for more people to test

    • already a plan to improve this page.

  • Kendy watched the video

    • looks like missing tiles – not getting sent somehow.

    • The cursor moves – but tiles not arriving; from 50s in – more like something not triggering showing the tiles on-screen.

    • Asking Dennis to take a look at reproducing this.

Release schedule bits (Timar)

  • CODE 6.4.10 – released later today.

  • CODE 6.4.10-2 expected … soonish with misc. fixes

  • Expect COOL 6.4.10 in a couple of weeks.

LibreOffice Conference (Michael)

  • Deadline is extended - but expect to have some talks → Miklos chasing people (?)

  • expect to have an on-line CODE community conference after LibOCon too

    • code / hacking talks mostly – each one very short.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, July 08, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)