Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #29

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #29

Date: June 17, 2021

Next meeting: June 24, 2021

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  • Thorsten, Muhammet, Szymon, Gabriel, Andras, Ezinne, Pedro, Cor, Kendy

Move to Libera Chat (Muhammet)

  • We formally moved, but the Telegram ↔ IRC bridge needs re-targetting

  • Expect channels to die & freedesktop to be re-launched.

Community update (Muhammet)

Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • Still working hard on this … regressions here (?) and wins too …

  • Not very clear what’s going on

  • Android performance issue → Pranam

  • Spell checking wavy-line performance → Mert

  • Profiling → Tor.

  • Cache enlargement for image scaling for multiple users (Lubos)

    • done & merged into cp-6.4
  • still trying to hunt apparent perf. regressions.

Native sidebars (Szymon)

  • Demo’d native-sidebars …

  • implemented menu buttons – color pickers are working nicely

  • Next:

    • now working on other popups such as line-styles & other advanced widgets

    • some fixes for multiple-users needed, missing some updates.

  • can help on Sidebar css stuff, but need to know how to build cool with sidebar (Andreas K)

    • Built snapshot packages of co-2021 for Andreas (Andras)

      • but these ended up in internal repos.

      • Perhaps we can add a community account & publish URL …

      • AI: get builds to Andreas K (Andras)

      • installing a desktop snapshot – online would run against that too.

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Got regression fixes reviewed & included

  • need to get the next async-save pieces reviewed & in.

Pull requests (Muhammet)

  • one open from a new contributor – being handled.

Commit Access

Stability bits (Gabriel)

  • submitted a new patch with some issue fixes – already merged into core master

    • lots of mpWindowImpl fixes.
  • Tested a new version – found some more crashes under heavy load

    • will schedule another test for the next meeting – requires others to help test.

    • Suspect something nasty with the clipboard (Michael)

  • We expect some wins from recent mem corruption fix (Michael)

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Mert on wavy-lines with a prototype patch – in current state – improves performance quite a lot – good way to go.

  • Biggest ongoing thing is the sidebars; Szymon has reported about that

  • Impress rendering slides as a continuous pane

    • now merged to cp-6.4 for 6.4.10

    • some follow-up fixing going on

    • biggest missing bit: change-tracking as comments.

      • Dennis is curing this.
  • Rash re-targetted toolbar tests at the Notebookbar giving us great coverage there

    • in the new tests – also extending the Notebookbar tests & reporting/fixing issues.

    • Hope to do something similar for the sidebar too

      • in theory when it is in JS – check the id & use the same tests as the notebookbar

        • so use the same tests cf. the sidebar.

Build instructions ? (Muhammet)

  • should we update the public instructions to co-2021 …

  • needs an update on github side – pre-building core & putting it on github

    • Yunusemre → back in three weeks.

    • Assets on github – builds once per day & up-loads to github.

      • Andras to have a look with Muhammet at updating that.

Release schedule bits (Timar)

  • CODE/COOL 6.4.9-3

    • had a new release with some additional stability fixes
  • CODE 6.4.10

    • continues to block on async save + redlines as comments, performance wins, SSL initialization/upgradeability.

    • hopefully out in the next ~week or so.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)