Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #34

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #34

Date: July 22, 2021

Next meeting: July 29, 2021

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  • Pranam, Alexandru, Ezinnne, Pedro, Muhammet, Szymon, William, Alexey, Gabriel, Kendy, Michael, Tor, Gokay, Thorsten, Anastasia

Community update (Muhammet)

  • Forum: we are getting cool feedback and questions, and even answers from community

    • good to have more questions answered … if people can help out

    • Discord ↔ Telegram → William installing the plugin

      • should notify on Telegam as/when we get news.
  • Weekly update → bi-weekly update, hope to be ready tomorrow

Sidebar problem in the call (Szymon)

  • now fixed – thanks to Gokay.

Native sidebars (Szymon)

  • finished fixing regressions in the mobile wizard

  • continued with the TODO for the sidebar

  • crash on custom color us fixed but not merged yet.

  • What is left ? (Michael)

    • After a crash – sidebar not visible → almost finished.

    • adding more cypress tests would be good …

Design bits (Pedro)

  • been working on the sidebar – adding patches to PR, needed to update and fix other things after patches from Gokay.

    • Makes my life easier.
  • New tasks that Rashes can take on

    • regarding the toolbars – replacing that

    • some pieces for Andreas to help here – things to pick one.

Performance / profiling (Tor)

  • Document is slow – but ping time is low …

  • Killed stale keyup messages (Michael)

  • Working on code to merge text input messages – that are queued in the git process

    • so if things are slow we can go quicker by combining the messages.

    • Same also for removetextcontext messages

      • which is a delete or backspace.
  • Working on benchmarking tool (Pranam)

    • implemented benchmarking with custom trace replay

    • calculating benchmark numbers is the remaining piece.

  • Profile-zone pieces added from Gopi

Mobile issue (Anastasia)

  • Product owner - developing Android pieces for a banking app

    • Developer Alexey is also here.
  • A bug:

    • would like to know if can expect it to be fixed …

    • if can help in any way.

  • Can it be debugged (Michael)

    • related to the native C++ part of COOL

    • no expertise to debug it – all Android Java developers.

CI stability (Michael)

  • Better notifications / E-mail when CI breaks.

Stability (Gabriel)

  • no particular news

  • tried to build with ASAN – un-succesfully

  • Andras/Yunusemre got it working with UbisSan internally (Michael)

    • at least – I got a trace.

    • Fixed a bug related to this too.

  • Included it in Online – works nicely

    • but it in core – but together there are some conflict issues

      • even with the same version.
  • Will be on vacation next week.

Release schedule bits (Michael)

  • CODE 6.4.10 put out another builds this week

    • various async fixes & crash fixes.
  • COOL 6.4.10 in the coming weeks – no final date

    • getting there closing all remainign blockers

    • thanks to all who reported issues.

Android testing (Nicolas)

  • Nicolas is out.

COOL community conference /day (Michael)

Front-end update (Alexandru)

  • looked through all the custom changes at 1&1

  • made a document with each change – by categories

  • things that can be contributed & not

  • a meeting tomorrow to discuss what can be contributed

  • after this – open tickets on github and to talk.

    • May take one or two weeks: Alexandru & Gabriel on vacation for bit.
  • Some things will benefit the community.

    • Looking forward to being able to open the tickets.

Team update (Michael)

  • Kendy out – so some poor recollection.

  • Feedback pieces (Pedro)

    • initially thinking of a dialog – way for users to send feedback from the desktop

      • also presented this nicely for mobile as well.
    • When sending feedback – sending their precise version too

    • last blocker – a rather stubborn unit test that Henry is fixing.

    • Hopefully can be solved & merged soon.

    • excited to get direct user feedback more easily (Michael)

    • very compartmentalized – with conditions to avoid it being called if not intended

  • Dialog improvement is also going on (Pedro)

  • Dpiscale adaption (Gokay)

    • already use this for rendering

    • but when the user zooms in in the browser – they should still have a crisp view.

      • Continuing to work on this.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)