Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #36

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #36

Date: August 05, 2021

Next meeting: August 12, 2021

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  • Rizmut, Cor, Pranam, Nicolas, Pedro, Michael, Pol Dellaiera, Kendy, Aron

Topic Suggestions

  • Symfony bundle/integration (Pol Dellaiera)

Community update (Muhammet)

  • Forum is active, lots of topics created; more & more answers appreciated.

  • Some great issues reported on the forum: thanks for that → turned into tickets too.

  • Community round-up ? → in the works – expected this weekend.

  • Lots of holidaying going on in a staggered way.

Native sidebars (Pedro)

  • Szymon on vacation

  • Lots of CSS fixes that just got in

  • From Szymon’s side some things to take care of

    • inconsistencies between browsers when accessing the drop-down widgets

    • looking great.

  • Hideous sidebar related performance problem –
    re-laying out on each keystroke / view switch

Symfony bundle (Pol)

  • Pol: a PHP developer from Belgium, working in ShoreLibre

  • Developing & releasing FOSS

  • Need a way to edit documents in a Symphony application – no easy way to do that

  • Creating a bundle – “WOPI bundle” – implements rules needed to
    communicate with the clients

    • using CODE locally via Docker to have a local instance.

    • Unable to run the UI of C’bra CODE.

    • CheckFileInfo failed … investigating that.

    • https: on both ends to make it work – disable in docker compose – working locally.

    • Difficult – a dev, no knowledge of setting this up to get it working locally.

  • Mostly a development call – can help at the end (Michael)

  • Suggest using packages for now (Kendy)

    • Docker makes it more complex; local linux packages are easier.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Many improvements regarding dialogs, specifically JSDialogs

  • Replacing ugly popups regarding connections – with some JSDialogs

    • that look good on mobile too.

    • Now bypassing the w2ui dialogs, using own JSBuilder

    • would love to remove the w2ui code eventually

      • can’t do it now – using for scroll indicators etc.

      • Rashesh also working in this direction – making these better.

    • Hopefully soon – less code & a better outcome.

  • Small fixes around document container & map

    • Gokay’s changes entered – and used things to update

    • Was using pixels, now using flexboxes – improved bevels & positioning.

  • Spreadsheet tabs much improved

  • We have an SVG spinner now – we can improve

  • Lots of easy-hacks in github – CSS etc. - please do ping Pedro for help.

Android testing (Nicolas)

  • Performance is much better

  • But couldn’t find an APK that shows this and then didn’t

  • Somewhere around July 20th it got better again.

  • Editing functionality is back again.

  • Bibisect repo for Android builds ? …

  • Would love to release on iOS / Android at the same time (Michael)

    • would like Tor back from vacation to get that done.

Websocket connection to the Admin console (Kendy)

  • Thanks to Thomas for reporting & helping with the investigation

  • Ash reproduced it – and has some more details in the ticket:

  • Rather strange, is it some forced HTTP/1.0 for the websocket proxy ?

    • Shouldn’t be the case for HTTP/1.1 – wondering what’s up.
  • Waiting for updates in the bug.

COOL days (Cor)


  • Online – lots of content in lots of short talks – so easy to dedicate the time

  • 2nd day – Enterprise Day – working on case-studies, paid attendees

  • 1st day – community talks: most interesting for this meeting

    • tips / good practices etc. have an initial webpage, work is ongoing.

    • Elisa doing great work creating pages for everything,

Schedule & update (Kendy)

  • focusing on getting the final 6.4.10 out

    • so we can focus on co-2021
  • Lots of great fixes going in:

    • reloading document issues

    • async-save fixes

    • PDF viewing improvements

    • lots of small but serious fixes.

  • Hope today to have the final build

    • follow-up fixes, some 6.4.11 etc. but mostly smaller bug-fixes.

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Kara)


    • requested reviews from Kendy / Ash – would like them.
  • Generally quite a few pull requests festering (Michael)

    • encouraging reviews & merging is good.
  • Also appreciating some great bug reports regarding 6.4.10 which really help to improve quality (Kendy)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)