Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #5

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #5

Date: Dec 10, 2020

Next meeting: Dec 17, 2020

Attendees: Muhammet, Gabriel Masei, Ezinne , Nicolas Christener, Andreas Kainz , Michael Meeks, Andras, Gökay, Pedro, Kendy, Pranam, Szymon

Quick update (Muhammet)

CSV handling (Pedro)

  • When we “Save As”, I wonder if there is a better way to avoid misunderstandings, maybe by not loading the newly created text file (.csv)

    • while answering I noticed that the save as... to .csv automatically loads that document (as it’s expected from save as...) but I wonder if that in the case of .csv is not grossly misleading. It can look like it was saved and automatically imported to a spreadsheet document, which is not the case.

    • At the end – after save-as CSV – and loaded automatically, but keeps the import step.

    • End result: CSV data – rendered without the import step; have commas in COOL.

  • Solutions ?

    • Don’t treat it as a Save-As ? Save as some other type, and then showing it.

      • nothing wrong with that ?

      • Not really saving – more like exporting

      • like Download-as CSV ?

    • Currently select a filter based on extension (Michael)

    • AI: add “Download CSV” -> go for it (Pedro)

Template Contest (Nicolas)

Toolbar changes (Pedro)

  • Opened an issue with UI changes

    • several of Andreas’ patches are merged already.

    • Some need further review.

Contextual toolbars (Szymon)

  • Published a patch for Andreas – but not clear if it’s worth investing in classic mode if we invest in a single-line notebookbar in the future.

  • How hard to get a single-line notebookbar working ? (Michael)

    • first needs welding – for single line, it should be possible (Szymon)

      • no complex controls expected, but switching between
        notebookbar modes by users may be more complex.
    • Do we have a menu widget ? (Michael)

      • currently single-line notebookbar uses the menu-bar (Szymon)

        • is it worth replacing menus & toolbars ?

        • Getting rid of toolbar piece might be good (Kendy)

          • current impl. Of menu&toolbar (Szymon)

            • use menu&toolbar from core lots of items we don’t need

            • harder to insert a specific item for Online (?)

            • current approach is simpler & better for community people.

              • to add a new item
            • replace with server-generated things, not easy to find how to insert something new.

Dynamic changes of Toolbar type (Gabriel)

  • Committed a patch for this, now can change the type of the UX for different users for the same document.

    • Great result (Michael)
  • QA team tested the feature – can do it only on view creation as of now.

  • Thinking of implementing dynamic changes next:

    • with an already open view – to change without re-loading it.

    • A nice-to-have.

Bind Mounting / Hard-linking (Gabriel)

  • discussed with Ash, bind-mounting not an option for 1&1 – requires some privileges

    • fallback to hard-linking.

    • Some issues with the owner of the files: systemplate/libreoffice folders

      • Andras solved them.
  • Slower starting in a docker image with the container

    • have a fix for this – want to up-stream it

    • not sure when it happens; perhaps in January.

    • Curious to see if we’re interested.

      • Of course (Michael)

Clipboard copy/paste intermittent issue fix (Michael)

  • re-factors the SocketDisposition to use a ‘Transfer’ to makes sure a socket ends up in a poll.

  • Some sockets – write data to → and it would be synchronously sent.

    • This worked well for lots of cases …
  • back-ported to the 6.4 branch – may be helpful.

CanvasTileLayer bits (Gokay/Kendy)

  • working on CalcTileLayer – removing CSS ↔ Pixel conversions (Gokay)

    • hopefully it uses only core pixels while calculating.

    • Also Row/Col/Headers will use core pixels too …

    • can finally reduce the use of dpiScale variables.

    • Then working on selection rendering, & then profilling

  • Dennis working on pinch-to-zoom, interpolating between zoom levels …

    • need to be able to draw in-between
  • Trying to get rid of lat/lng (Kendy)

    • a tangled, spaghetti thing … hard to find an end to pull

    • removed remnants of animation zoom – using lat/lng extensively.

    • Hoped to do something about markers – but would distract from the goal

    • Getting back to the canvastilelayer bits.

Icon theming (css class names) (Kendy)

  • AI: setup e a call to sort it out Kendy, Pedro, Andreas K (Pedro)

Kit stopped rendering (Michael)

Pivot bits (Szymon)

  • pretty good now, is Pedro finished theming ?

  • a few changes around buttons now fixed in the core side (Pedro)

  • will merge a last commit, 1-2 more locally, should be done.

  • creation and filtering should then be done.

  • enabled two more dialogs under Data (Szymon)

  • manage & define named ranges

  • was expecting it (Pedro)

  • looked at lots of similar dialogs, ready to enable (Szymon)

  • have enabled them locally

  • statistical, correlation & other stuff.

  • where should we add them in the Notebookbar ?

  • we have no icons for them.

  • there are 13 new functions.

AI: + have a call after the meeting (Pedro)

  • did you check sub-dialogs for async ? (Michael)

  • executed in a different way to std. dialogs (Szymon)

  • opened as a child window in Sfx.

  • they don’t have synchronous sub-dialogs.

three pull requests (MKara)

  • need attention – will be chasing them

Turkey Update (MKara)

  • an Open Source working group has been established between

companies & public institutions

  • one of the tasks is setting up a COOL demo on

their own site, and promoting it to institutions.

  • re-direct interested parties to COOL Partners.

Help / getting setup ?

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 11:00 am (UTC)