Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #63

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #63

Date: Mar 10 2022

Next meeting: 17/03/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Michael, Alexandru, Gokay, Julius, Nicolas, Pedro, Szymon, Andras, Andreas K, Aron

Infobar updates

  • admin infobar still broken …
    • working on that – polishing translations (Gokay)
      • hopefully will be fixed by next week.
  • Welcome dialog now has translations – should be done in a short while (Gokay)


Community pages updates

  • New contribution – Fedora build instructions were added thanks to <>
  • Also Arch Linux build instructions thanks to <>

GitHub activity:

  • Not had time to go through the PRs (Pedro)

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • When copying / duplicating a document (Pedro)
  • Richdocuments release last week
    • investigating the mobiele CSP things …
    • working on notebookbar polishing
    • expose the setting ? (Michael)
      • can discuss with Jan if we want to make it the default.
      • And yes – hav a setting for that.
  • Office.vue problem
    • still not found a reliable way to reproduce it
    • perhaps a setup issue / checks etc.
    • working on a new check-end-point to validate the connection

Design bits (Pedro)

  • One ‘classic’ mode ?

    • Sounds like something we would use if we want to be out of date
    • Want to offer two UI modes – whatever you choose should be good.
    • ‘Compact’ instead of classic ?
    • toolbar vs. tab-bar ? (Michael)
  • Comments – in reduced screensize

    • will be a popup / dialog – re: avatar of users etc.
  • CSS vars colorsheet.css (Andreas K)

    • more cleanup just got in.
    • lots of !important properties regarding mobile
    • thought on mobile – load mobile CSS, and tablet tablet CSS – but seems everything is loaded.
    • Ideally move things for just desktop to there (Pedro)
  • Lots of CSS (Michael)

    • 3Mb of this or so.
    • many come from 3rd party things (Andreas K)
    • still have a long term goal to drop w2ui (Pedro)
      • Gokay has a working test of this …
      • please open an issue (Andreas K)
        • afraid of regressions but should create (Pedro)
  • Screenshots from GNOME (Andreas K)

    • Dark & Light - has preview images.
    • With an image to select toolbar mode – don’t have to focus on names etc.
    • ideally something styalized (Michael)
      • to avoid screenshot translations …
  • Header area: (Andreas K)

    • filed the issue …

Other ongoing work (Andras)

  • Last week had CODE update
  • Next CODE release – next week – 21.11.3
  • Fixing autofilter position bits and with RTL (Szymon)
    • Fixed regression from undo/redo pieces around shapes.
  • New welcome dialog → ongoing fixing here.


  • Not accepted this year, unfortunately.
  • Budget for interns to work on some of the tasks if people know of students …
    • poke Pedro if so.

Leaflet – what is it ? (Andraes K)

  • the map-widget we built on initially (Michael)
  • Strange that some dialogs are using that technology, others something else.
  • What is Vex ?
    • Horrible dialog library (Michael)
      • would like to get rid of it.
      • vex
  • mobile has JS dialogs – not on desktop
    • which one ? (Szymon)
      • Watermark (Andreas)
      • created initially for mobile, with simplified dialogs
      • now we have more of the widgets, can check to enable
    • get some code pointers to check this (Szymon)
      • requires to re-build the core to do this ?
      • Can we add an option to test this ? (Michael)
        • putenv(“”) or whatever ?
        • AI: come up with a small patch here (Szymon)
      • Checking dialogs for CSS (Andreas)
    • Should we need CSS per dialog ? (Michael)
      • goal is not to have that – but for it to ‘just work’
      • it should just work (Szymon)
        • 3 in the whole dialog.
        • like generic solutions (Michael)
          • 2.3k .ui files in the core …
        • Pedro changed the layouting to flex …
          • previously had mostly tables.
    • Generically speaking (Pedro)
      • have in-mind as a goal – simplify the # of child/parents in HTML
        • makes it harder to make it generic.
      • structure is generated in the core – can’t detect ids not being used (Szymon)
    • Is there a task-list for dialogs sow e have a goal ? (Andreas K)
      • some important ones for a11y that we need …
      • Cor working on this area now.

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