Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #62

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #62

Date: Mar 3 2022

Next meeting: 10/03/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Ezinne, Szymon, Mert, Michael, Kendy, Gokay, Gabriel,
    Nicolas, Andreas K, Pranam, Andras

Infobar updates

  • welcome dialog: last release went ok - the welcome dialog looking good
    • Still on going work (by Gokay now and I try to help)
  • infobar around still (for admins): last release went ok, it looked fine
    • Still on going work (by Gokay now)
  • Stuff coming from feedback server not yet fixed on staging but on going work: 404 issues solved, Updated messages to use JSON, Ensure no cache even within iframe, next → translation issue


Community pages updates

    • Finally found time to update hero image and html structure around it
      • Made the screenshot easier to swap in the future
      • laptop and screenshot are different elements
    • Communicate
      • Public dev mailing list will be created and added to this page : )

GitHub activity:

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Quick update:
    • lots of work around Nextcloud Office
    • Notebookbar too – thanks to work with Andreas K
  • Office.vue problem
  • Creating new documents from template (Pedro)
    • should all work now (Julius)
      • if any open reports do point me at them.
  • Save-As – with shared-link issue (Julius)
    • already update metadata in richdocuments but need to pass this to files in the background
  • Should we make template bits available in COOL ? (Andreas K)
    • “New” button in LibreOffice
    • in COOL – say it’s part of the cloud.
    • Can already save as DOCX or ODT in your template folder & it works (Michael)
      • works & is obvious for us (Pedro)
        • might not be obvious for others.
        • “Save as template” button – goes to the template folder (?)
    • An empty Templates folder is part of the default setup (Julius)
  • Notebookbar ? (Michael)
    • some icons that may need some more drawing (Julius)
    • opening the sidebar (Andreas K)
      • in the paragraph section – three icons, that are hard to theme.
      • Some without a unique ID (Julius)
        • had a patch for core for that, but didn’t go through gerrit yet.
    • Fixes from many sides fixing calc tabs (Pedro)
      • Discussing – active selected tab- with more contrast
        • bold already.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Improvements on notebookbar, stylesview hover status fixed, improvments on accessibility check dialog, fix nb tabs collapsing, etc

  • Lots of good ideas & improvements from Andreas K (Pedro)

    • should get them in.
  • CSS vars colorsheet.css (Andreas K)

    • quite cool – if you have a personal blog …
      • to write up how to customize things …
      • would be cool to see that, and link it ot the forum.
    • Not 100% finished -but the main UI uses the variables …
      • can have dark-mode if you like.
      • Can render the main-content with in-built LibreOffice color theme.
      • Needs to be an option for users … (Michael)
      • collaborating should we render it once dark, and once bright (Andreas K)[image]
  • Other bits applying border radius consistently in many elements

    • have some dialogs with huge rounded corners – need to fix.
  • Some NB tabs’ content / order of importance need to be fixed

  • Header area (Andreas K)

    • different between COOL & Nextcloud Office
      • can we re-arrange and/or re-design this ?
    • Change here is not just on COOL side but Richdocuments (Pedro)
    • Tablet-mode: looks different between gdocs mode / mobile /etc.
      • complicated to get document name in the center:
        • complex how the header bar is generated.
    • Last modified element being part of the menu (Julius)
      • from what you say – re-arranging that to be flex-box based …
      • don’t recall how it is done (Szymon)
        • have to look.
        • Has always been a problem positioning that item.
    • Andreas to file the issue & describe the problem.

Other ongoing work (Gokay)

  • Next CODE release is today → ~now – packages are published
    • website is about to announce it.
  • Will have another one March 17th
  • Have Accessibility checker for writer documents
    • Many improvements & bug-fixes.
  • Lots of async-save improvements for strange corner-cases
  • Remote configuration work – JSON to fetch (Rashesh)
    • merged to master
    • working on handling aliases – when one NC host has multiple names / IP addresses – need to be treated separately.
    • With a default – to allow the first-user system to be accepted.
  • Fixing autofilter position bits and with RTL (Szymon)
    • in some cases was not in the correct place.
  • Crash on shutdown fixed (Michael)
  • Tor has Font-config is in progress (Kendy)
    • when JSON is updated, fonts are re-downloaded
    • updating fontconfig in forkit process


Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

  • bugs created by Nicolas, Andreas and Suggestion from JP Mills, hopefully we will have more time to discuss and hunt those after this week’s waves of releases

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