Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #68

Date: Apr 14 2022

Next meeting: 21/04/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Pranam, Andras, Nicolas, Ezinne, Aron, Rashesh, Michael

Pedro (1-and-1)

Welcome updates (Gokay)

  • community feedback around making this less intrusive while keeping the value

  • A.I.: Will add a timer to spin the slides & close them automatically

  • A.I.: make the fallback dialog mobile friendly as well

  • We had an update for welcome dialog for mobile → bugs fixed. Everything should be ok everywhere

  • It will be release in the next CODE version (~ next week)

Forum (Pedro)

  • Some more reports around configuration problems

    • Rashesh is being doing a great job hunting these down

    • And making sure what is related to multi host configuration and what is not

    • He is testing out different configuration environments and then he will report back

    • Specially with nginx,some users are not able to open document in the NC. Trying to reproduce it

    • Federation Nextcloud share file not working, CO does not open file:

      • (Szymon) this is quite complex because it does not work with normal local setup

        • it really requires production-like setup

        • In NC configuration we might need some special entries to setup that

Multi-server / alias bits (Rashesh)

  • Rash has provided updates to the documentation


  • Should document our YAML in the SDK too.

  • Come questions from user (Thanks GOhner for all the good report). It seems it was a configuration issue. Great example of a good report with logs etc so we can follow and try to fix/debug → now done

  • No forum topic on the NC side yet, but we do have it documented in many places already (forum, sdk) → done

GitHub activity:

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • There was an issue with opening files with NC client if you are using a subdirectory for your NC installation

    • Fixed → goes out ~ next week

  • Design: On-going progression cross teams

  • Improving the situations (giving the admin a proper hint on how to address these type of issues) when the connection between CO an d NC is not working

  • Nextcloud / sidebar trigger icons fixed & properly aligned.

  • 22.05 now has the right icons too.

  • When copying / duplicating a document (Pedro)

  • Tor has nearly finished the font work

    • We will hopefully release this ~ next week (currently reviewing)

  • Notebookbar improvements left & right.

    • We have some places where we need to change icon order and/or switch component (e.g.: to → bigtoolitem), Pedro working on this

    • Repair document icon → conditionally bigtoolitem

  • Sidebar’s icons also got fixed and there is still some other parts of the NB that need checking

    • New sidebar regression → impress animation panel

  • We discussed the possibility of having the spreadsheet controls (spreadsheet tab navigation prev/next) hidden when they actually do nothing

    • Good ideas but not so easy to implement (as of now we do not have a disabled status on those buttons plus they are generated with w2ui)

  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.

    • Getting locking information and then we can discuss how CO can pick up those details

  • UI switcher

    • (Szymon) how will it worked if the user changes the ui mode

      • We want to remember that decision

      • What if some integrator doesn’t want to expose the switcher

      • (Pedro) I think better to expose switcher to everyone and avoid add more code

        • (Kendy) yes let’s have it for everyone (no need to add an additional configuration to turn on or off the visibility of the button switcher )

      • (Kendy) yes good to remember that in storage (szymon: we already this for sidebar)

      • (Kendy) and if forcing is needed we can also add that to the ui defaults (turn on/off)

  • @Mentions – Julius (still?) writing up a spec.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Dark mode discussion:

    • Interesting to see that users claim that a simply inverting colours is not good enough

    • The importance of Page colour

    • Andreas K. there and doing a summary of stuff that is already done

    • We can start to think of having a special CSS file (which only has colour values)

  • Hunting easy-to-fix regressions – Andras K helping out too.

    • eg. blinking cursor. → this is fixed by Mert

  • Several mobile fixes on the way → done

    • There is still low priority regressions to hunt

  • On going improvement of top elements on the toolbar up (turn it into flex box layout)

  • Multiple bug fixes for mobile

    • regressions

    • we were also generating and adding base64 images to the mwizard (fixed)

  • Sidebar, we found out a regression related with text alignment (it was affecting multiple panes including mwizard) (fixed)

  • Add missing Define and manage range names on Calc: Notebookbar mode

  • Add missing split cells on Writer: classic mode

  • Fixing / adding missing actions or inconsistencies between classic and Notebookbar mode

  • A.I.: Rename UI modes

    • Make sure that the configuration file accepts old and new values

Dialog widgets (Rash)

  • This is a way to have a place where all the used Jsdialog widgets can be seen

    • The goal is to have a place where you can check for UI regression or opportunities to improve it

    • Right now it is triggered within the About Dialog and only for build with debug option

    • (Szymon) Do we want this for 21 or only for master

      • (Pedro) I think better to just on master

      • (Szymon) not yet finished

22.05 bits (Gokay)

  • Beta release 22.05 → next week (we already had the alpha release)

    • Mainly targeting developers

Other ongoing work (Szymon)

  • fixing the calc formula-bar in 22.05 (Szymon) 9fixed)

    • Continued with formula bar bugs

    • Tested with full JS implementation but it was too risky

    • Ended up to reduce the changes to only input field

      • Expected to have many bugs fixes: blurriness, alignment and even RTL

      • Ongoing probably next week will be done

    • Plan to replace those buttons to simple uno commands

  • Autofilter was not working properly (a fix waiting to be merged from core side) → Done

  • There is still another bug on the formula bar (1 online vs multiple lines editing)

  • Possibility to send only the editing area of formulabar from core side and drop it as image and then all the other buttons are actually generated from jsdialogs

Android / iOS updates (Gokay)

  • Mobile was released yesterday

    • Big changes we jumped to 21.11 branch full of new features and big fixes (iOS & Android)

Issue (Nicolas)

  • Still trying to reproduce the bug with losing the focus

    • I’m still not able to reproduce it

    • It seems fixed in the latest version

  • Ipad: writer

Next Meeting


Again we had demo time this meeting!

  • @rash419 screenshared his work around the new widgets dialog
  • @szyklos screenshared his ongoing work around formula bar