Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #67

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #67

Date: Apr 07 2022

Next meeting: 14/04/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Andras, Szymon, Thorsten, Gabriel, Kendy, Aron, Gabriel, Nicolas

Gabriel (1-and-1)

Welcome updates (Pedro)

  • community feedback around making this less intrusive while keeping the value
  • A.I.: Will add a timer to spin the slides & close them automatically
  • A.I.: make the fallback dialog mobile friendly as well

Forum (Pedro)

Multi-server / alias bits (Kendy)

  • Rash has provided updates to the documentation
  • YML -> Docker change minutes
  • Should document our YAML in the SDK too.
  • Come questions from user (Thanks GOhner for all the good report). It seems it was a configuration issue. Great example of a good report with logs etc so we can follow and try to fix/debug
  • No forum topic on the NC side yet, but we do have it documented in many places already (forum, sdk)

GitHub activity:

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • There was an issue with opening files with NC client if you are using a subdirectory for your NC installation
    • Fixed → goes out ~ next week
  • Design: On-going progression cross teams
  • Improving the situations (giving the admin a proper hint on how to address these type of issues) when the connection between CO an d NC is not working
  • Nextcloud / sidebar trigger icons fixed & properly aligned.
  • 22.05 now has the right icons too.
  • When copying / duplicating a document (Pedro)
  • Tor has nearly finished the font work
  • Notebookbar improvements left & right.
  • Sidebar’s icons also got fixed and there is still some other parts of the NB that need checking
  • We discussed the possibility of having the spreadsheet controls (spreadsheet tab navigation prev/next) hidden when they actually do nothing
    • Good ideas but not so easy to implement (as of now we do not have a disabled status on those buttons plus they are generated with w2ui)
  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.
    • Getting locking information and then we can discuss how CO can pick up those details
  • UI switcher Add toggle for UI mode to menubar and notebookbar by juliushaertl · Pull Request #4254 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • (Szymon) how will it worked if the user changes the ui mode
      • We want to remember that decision
      • What if some integrator doesn’t want to expose the switcher
      • (Pedro) I think better to expose switcher to everyone and avoid add more code
        • (Kendy) yes let’s have it for everyone (no need to add an additional configuration to turn on or off the visibility of the button switcher )
      • (Kendy) yes good to remember that in storage (szymon: we already this for sidebar)
      • (Kendy) and if forcing is needed we can also add that to the ui defaults (turn on/off)
  • @Mentions – Julius (still?) writing up a spec.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Hunting easy-to-fix regressions – Andras K helping out too.
    • eg. blinking cursor.
  • Several mobile fixes on the way.
  • On going improvement of top elements on the toolbar up (turn it into flex box layout)
  • Multiple bug fixes for mobile
    • regressions
    • we were also generating and adding base64 images to the mwizard (fixed)
  • Sidebar, we found out a regression related with text alignment (it was affecting multiple panes including mwizard) (fixed)
  • Add missing Define and manage range names on Calc: Notebookbar mode
  • Add missing split cells on Writer: classic mode

22.05 bits (Andras)

  • 22.05 Alpha docker image Released
  • Also switched the staging server to 22.05
  • Eventually we will release CODE 22.05
  • But today we are releasing CODE from stable release branch
  • AI: update community build docs to point at 22.05 branch (Pedro)
  • We will have a beta release probably in ~ 2 weeks , everything is going well

Other ongoing work (Szymon)

  • fixing the calc formula-bar in 22.05 (Szymon) (fixed)
  • Autofilter was not working properly (a fix waiting to be merged from core side)
  • There is still another bug on the formula bar (1 online vs multiple lines editing)
  • Possibility to send only the editing area of formulabar from core side and drop it as image and then all the other buttons are actually generated from jsdialogs. (pedro: that’s awesome!)

Android / iOS updates (Gokay)

  • We will have andorid and ios releases next week
    • We are ready now, everything should go well

Issue (Nicolas)

  • No time to go through the issue yet but will do
  • Is there a possibility to then in the future use that ui switcher on iPad and reach automatically to the device’s orientation?
    • (Pedro) I think this would be possible but would probably open a for for many bugs. But maybe safer would be to just display (via snackbar) a notification with a button when the user rotates the device and then if the user really wants to change the ui mode he can press the button (some other apps use this behaviour on tablets). Still we would need to think and make sure if this makes sense (avoid annoying the user)

Next Meeting


Oh and there were a couple of screen sharing sessions from @gmasei11 (around UI switcher) and from @szyklos (the on going new work around formulabar). So good to keep showing up for those :wink: