Community Weekly Meeting 126

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #126
Date: Jul 6th 2023
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Attendees (write your name):
• Skyler, Darshan, Szymon, Anna, Mike D (Tex), Nicolas, Caolan, Miklos, Shehr, Gülşah, Aron, Thorsten
Release schedule (Anna)
• CODE 23.05.2 to be released in 2 weeks: 21 July
◦ working on a bunch of tickets
• Next iOS testflight – Attila is on it;
◦ no clear date when to release yet
• Android
◦ same as iOS
Forum (Mike D)
• Mike D: 8 more posts responded to this week.
◦ Not much, besides responding to:
◦ eIDAS/USB hardware token
:black_small_square: Template in Calc 4/2
:black_small_square: (Hopefully that summarized our talk a few weeks ago pretty well. Let’s see what they respond.)
◦ And then doing some more basic bug gathering info:
:black_small_square: XLS file kicking out + erroring, but not XLSX 1929/2
:black_small_square: And asking some followup info on people who already answered their own questions! (Maybe signs of documentation lacking?)
• 17->16 - zero replies in user support:
User Support - Collabora Online
• 60->60 - zero replies in installation and config:
Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online

Dark mode
• Nextcloud has four themes – we should probably aim to match that:
◦ high contrast dark & light, and dark and light (normal).
◦ AI: Having an enumeration like this pushed across
the iframe + PostMessage update (Szymon)
:black_small_square: will add another field in the UI defaults (Pedro) → done
Online activity (Pedro)
• PRs without reviewer ~18 of them
Collabora Online · GitHub
◦ Easy hack fix removing duplication in makefile: Condense common parameters in Makefile by codewithvk · Pull Request #6593 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
◦ Cypress issues fix: cypress issues, builddir != srcdir by hcvcastro · Pull Request #6708 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
• Gokay
◦ Multi language support for access keys: Add multi-language support for Notebookbar accelerators. by gokaysatir · Pull Request #6739 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
:black_small_square: Pedro to test this, and call.
◦ Button-ids are non-deterministic; will make them deterministic
◦ a11y fixes:
:black_small_square: Arrows keys should directly trigger the element and not just the outline(focus)
:black_small_square: Not have preview images in the tab order – non-interactive things not in tab order
◦ working on Calc – improving sorting of columns → merged by Caolan
• Szymon
◦ Formula bar: input In Japanese was not working it also fixes the #6737 issue around euro sign → this is done
◦ Also fixed: inserting formula objects in Writer / sidebar was problematic there
• Darshan
◦ Fixed odd looking hyperlink dialog box => Merged
Fix odd looking textarea width. by Darshan-upadhyay1110 · Pull Request #6804 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

    ◦ Add tooltip for copy version button in Help tab and added some visual feedback for user after click on copy version infromation 
        ▪> Merged
        ▪ => Pending  
    ◦ Accelerator keys improvements: Focus back to document when Escape key pressed
        ▪ => In Review 
    ◦ Added new page in for `debug collabora online`. Still incomplete....
        ▪ => Merged
    ◦ Fixed some regrassion issues in NC theme 
          comment box overlaps with sidebar whene we add comment in cell very much near to sidebar in calc => Merged

• Shehr Pushed
    ◦ Now → trying to improve the insert line
        ▪ Nicolas: Maybe we could investigate some improvements around the handles
        ▪ Trying to change the default thickness of the line
        ▪ Still in progress, working on this with Pedro
            • will comment on these tickets (Gulsah)
• Gulsah
    ◦ Waiting for reviews
        ▪ Impress: slide sorter: enabling context menu (to insert slide and paste slide)
            • trouble with referring to slides with numbers, since they get invalidated on reorder or insert or delete
            • happy to help if the problem is written done (Szymon)
• Rashesh
    ◦ Created a issue: customize tab missing from Bullets and numbering dialog

:black_small_square: Skyler is working on this
◦ A.I. : review this two patches related to helm chart:
:black_small_square: feat(helm): dynconfig upload + several bugfixes by genofire · Pull Request #5556 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub → still needs doingn▪ feat: add helm-repo release ci (with usage of github-pages as helm repo) by genofire · Pull Request #6760 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub → reviewedn◦ Help chart for kubernetes is now easier to install:
:black_small_square: collabora-online 1.0.1 · collabora-productivity/collabora-online
:black_small_square: Thanks to genofire for: )
• Nicolas
◦ plan to file some issues wrt deepl

• Translation stats to go out soon → SM and Forum
◦ April and May leader-board out, io website updated
◦ Jun → Mike D. please send that out using
LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)
• Still busy organizing the conference
• We will organize a workshop there to popularize FLOSS / programming
◦ spreading the ideas through different means is good.
• Will be in Bucharest – and Gabriel will be organizing it too.
LibreOffice Conference 2023 in Bucharest, Romania - The Document Foundation Blog
◦ Call for papers went out
◦ Registration is now open
◦ You are invited to the “Introduction in LibreOffice Development” workshop:
:black_small_square: Learn about LibreOffice development at our upcoming conference! - The Document Foundation Blog
:black_small_square: Registration Form | LibreOffice Conference 2023 - Bucharest (Romania)
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