Community Weekly Meeting #134

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #134

Date: Aug 31st 2023

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  • Andras, Anna, Michael, Mike D, Attila, Caolán, Darshan, Hub, Oli, Szymon, Timur, Gökay, Thorsten

Release schedule

  • Released CODE 23.05.3 yesterday
    • not announced yet – Anna chasing that ?
    • bugs already closed by the community informed me of the release :slight_smile:
  • Missing bits for a re-spin ?
    • Szymon merging font-preview improvements with HiDPI
    • we can plan another minor release shortly with that included.
    • Have another release in around 2 week.
  • Mobile releases
    • iOS release is in the pipeline – in review for TestFlight as a snapshot
      • If we decide to release it – we don’t need another review can ship it.
      • Was the full test matrix run on iOS yet ?
      • Ezinne is out for a couple of days; Attila will help testing here.
    • Android
      • Ezinne did a full test, and found a couple of issues – now fixed by Rash & Darshan, now being merged.
      • Can release this now.
      • We should work out who has what Android version & what it was tested on (Timur)
        • a report of a crash on Android 13 from the community – needs verifying.
          • this is the latest version etc.
        • Need to re-validate after updating dependencies.

Online activity

Forum (Mike D)

These were the key topics:


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