Community Weekly Meeting #129

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #129

Date: Jul 27th 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Darshan, Szymon, Anna, Mike D (Tex), Shehr, Rashesh, Pedro, Timur, Nicolas, Skyler, Pranam, Oli, Caolán Thorsten, Aron, Gokay

Release schedule (Anna)

  • CODE 23.05.2 release now out!
  • COOL 23.05.2 release now out !
    • Master can accept feature work etc
  • Mobile releases probably at the end of August
    • Next iOS testflight – Attila is on it;
      • no clear date when to release yet
    • Android
      • same as iOS

Forum (Mike D)

Answered a few more forum questions.

These were the key topics:

  • Collabora Office: Weird “ch” Units Showing
    • Collabora Office: Turns out it was “Asian” layout turned ON. Turning OFF fixed the problem.
    • CODE: I saw similar weird units in Paragraph Styles though.
      • View > Sidebar
      • In sidebar, next to “Paragraph”, press the little “arrow box” button along right-hand side.
      • In “Paragraph” menu + “Indents & Spacing” tab, see “ch” Units.

16->17 - zero replies in user support:

User Support - Collabora Online

60->62 - zero replies in installation and config:

Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online

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Online activity (Pedro)


  • Translation stats to go out soon → SM and Forum

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

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