Connecting mobile App to CODE Server / nextcloud Hub 3

Hello world!

I have a successful self-hosted setup with CODE and nextcloud for some years, but I have not yet managed to get any of the mobile Apps working.

This statement makes me wonder: ”[…] it brings collaborative editing of documents to mobile devices from Apple“ (Source).

I know that I can download documents locally, edit them, and re-upload.
But I have not managed to make the ”collaborative“ part of this statement work, changes made online do not sync into the iPad app and vice versa, and the last to save always wins.

So, what am I doing wrong?
Am I misunderstanding the statement regarding the Apps, is my setup broken (to avoid any doubts: collaborative editing does work when two users use the online Collabora installation, but not if one uses the mobile app).

Please help/ advise/ point me to proper documentation on how to achieve this.
Thanks in advance!


hello Thomas,

Collabora and collaborative editing is more or less the same for desktop and mobile clients - the integration happens completely in the browser, so I’m wondering how and why your setup doesn’t work. I didn’t test is specially today but from time to time I do open/edit a document on using Collabora my mobile (starting from Nextcloud UI in web browser session). AFAIK there is no way to initiate collaborative editing from the app - neither mobile nor desktop. Nextcloud apps are just for syncing, Collabora integration happens in the browser and here I don’t see any reason how mobile browser should differ from desktop… maybe you can describe your issue with more details e.g. provide error messages etc…


Sorry for late reply, here a scenario:

  1. In the Browser, in Nextcloud, create a new Text Document.

  2. On the iPad, in the Collabora Office iPad App, browse to the file through the ‚nextcloud‘ location which is listed in the left sidebar.

  3. Put „some text“ into the file and save.

  4. In the Browser, open the File.

  5. File will display in-Browser in the Colalbora Online App.

  6. type „and some more text“ to the end of the file and save, then switch back to Collabora Office iPad App.
    Expected behaviour: Updated content reads „some text and some more text“.
    Actual behaviour: Still „some text“ is displayed and no hint that the file was modified concurrently.

  7. type „This is“ at the beginning of the line in the iPad app and switch back to the browser.
    Expected behaviour: „This is some text and some more text“ appears in browser.
    Actual behaviour: „This is some text“ displayed, content added through browser is lost.

Maybe I am simply misunderstanding the „collaborative“ from this sentence:

Based on the technological principles developed in Collabora Online, it brings collaborative editing of documents to mobile devices from Apple.

Because if I do the same experiment with two concurrent Browser Session edits, everything works as expected and all text is magically merged.

Makes sense?

take a look at this discussion maybe your are too fast with closing the session…

Thanks, but there it is about the inline client inside Nextcloud in browser.

I have no issue with collaborative document editing in browsers, that is working perfectly fine. It will even allow to follow the concurrent sessions’ typing in real-time.

My issue is that the native iOS app does not work with concurrent editing, and I was wondering whether I misunderstand the advertising regarding the app supporting true collaborative editing (which I understand as concurrent).

This is why I asked how to properly connect the app to the server, since it does not pick up chances to the documents that are made after opening a file.

Not even if I wait for several minutes.