Convert-to is not available


We have a question about the available features present in hosting/capabilities. The convert-to functionality appears as not supported on our Collabora-online, but what does that mean exactly and how can we make it available? Can we change this ( “convert-to”:{“available”:false} ) to true somewhere?

I’m using the latest docker version of CODE with Kubernetes.

Thank you!

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The code that sets that is:

wsd/COOLWSD.cpp-        Poco::Dynamic::Var available = allowConvertTo(socket->clientAddress(), request);
wsd/COOLWSD.cpp-        convert_to->set("available", available);

So it needs to be enabled in coolwsd.xml in
<post_allow desc="Allow/deny client IP address for POST(REST)." allow="true">

We should really have a shared-secret authentication possibility here too I think. If the server is in the allowed WOPI servers list or in that post_allow list then it should be allowed to do convert_to - so beware: the capabilities will differ depending on who is requesting them from what server - and if they are allowed.

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Thank you very much @mmeeks!