Coolwsd connections limit


Is it possible to set connections to the coolwsd daemon?
I know it is possible during compilation from sources, but is it possible in config file, of course within the limit set when building from sources?

What do you want to limit it to? There is currently effectively no limit in the coolwsd binaries; we could of course add those limits back into coolwsd.xml to help manage load on large machines I suppose somehow - patches welcome; otherwise it is a configure tool used in a few corner case binary builds but not in CODE.

I was talking about these limits:

Feb 12 20:53:20 dev coolwsd[9778]: wsd-09778-09778 2022-02-12 20:53:20.307614 +0000 [ coolwsd ] INF  Maximum concurrent open Documents limit: 1000000| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:1590
Feb 12 20:53:20 dev coolwsd[9778]: wsd-09778-09778 2022-02-12 20:53:20.307630 +0000 [ coolwsd ] INF  Maximum concurrent client Connections limit: 1000000| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:1591

I can change that by compiling coolwsd from source.

I asked if it was possible to set this limits in the coolwsd.xml file in terms of what I set during compilation

Hi @andy (sorry I completely disregarded this topic once I saw that Michael had responded). Technically we needed to put a number there but that’s why it’s 1 million of concurrent connections and open documents so, virtually no limits here.

There are also a couple of options in the xml itself <limit (plus connections timeout settings etc in the case you are interested in those.