CTRL V pastes everything twice on Android tablet (with keyboard)

Hi everyone
I’m brand new to Collabora Online (Android 13 on Galaxy Tab S7). This is a topic I just sent by email to the support team but maybe you can help me
So I just installed the latest version of Collabora Online, started my first text document … and noticed immediatly that the usual CTRL V combination on my physical keyboard pastes everything twice

I mean, if I copy “Hello” it will paste “HelloHello”. Annoying

It is not an issue I find on any other text app of course, only on Collabora

Note that the Paste function works fine when I look it up in the menu (instead of using the keyboard shortcut). Si it seems to be linked to the keyboard … but it makes the app useless to me :frowning:

Has any of you noticed this ?

Thanks for your help