Community Weekly Meeting 124

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #124

Date: Jun 22nd 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Mike D, Timur, Darshan, Mike D (Tex), Nicolas, Gülşah, Szymon, Anna, Shehr, Luigi, Gökay, Rashesh, Cosmin, Andras, Pedro, Thorsten, Aron, Michael, Caolán

Release schedule (Andras)

  • 23.05
    • Preparing next CODE 23.05.1 release
      • Code freeze this Friday, release next Wednesday
    • Tile re-factoring:
      • working nicely on iOS
      • and we have another long running window fix
        • great fix from Patrick on internal logging …
      • Another fix to keep and re-render invalidated tiles
        • should speedup impress a lot – pending.
        • which needs to get done.
      • Funky new RLE compression stuff from Caolan
        • prolly pushed out into the next version.
      • JS canvas buffer swapping in / out changes that might help.
  • Next IOS testflight probably next week

ASAN crash count drop

  • Still getting nice ASAN results from the MS interop. testing using staging.


  • Patrick is doing some great work to get 23.05 app working on iOS
    • need to get this merged; Marco needs to poke at keyboard entry bits.
  • Android / Chrome-Os apps needs pulling up from 21.11 to 23.05 too …
    • no point in investigating old 21.11 version on Android (Aron)
      • we need a new build there to test anything.

Forum (Mike D)

Dark mode

  • Paris has fixed Dark Mode for calc → patch pending review here; Miklos was helping out.
    • Paris filed a bug on the black cursor on black page
      • Fixed. Still we need to look at why the document page color sometimes doesn’t update when toggling (NC)
        • Darshan is taking a look at this → done
  • Darshan: Added image path for icons when toggle to dark theme by Darshan-upadhyay1110 · Pull Request #6356 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • CSS image URL re-writing happens for proxy-mode (Michael)
      • Next → refactor this so to avoid code duplication (light/dark mode)
      • global.js “// re-write relative URLs in CSS …”
      • perhaps an idea for Szymon to look at.
      • Change w2ui impl. Of icons – so we can replace them …
        • so can replace URL from the code.
      • Szymon: looked into that but there is no need to re-write the relative URLS for Darshan merged PR
      • Calc headers glitch → fixed but merged and released
      • Insert Formula object (writer) working on new regression (sidebar doesn’t appear and the frame box too small)
        • Contextual sidebar doesn’t open on online
        • Received code pointers from Mike K.
  • Andreas K. now helping left and right
    • Sidebar improvements to get in but need some work still
      • Pushed fixes one PR to get updated
  • Nextcloud has four themes – we should probably aim to match that:
    • high contrast dark & light, and dark and light (normal).
    • AI: Having an enumeration like this pushed across
      the iframe + PostMessage update (Szymon)
      • will add another field in the UI defaults (Pedro) → done

Online activity (Pedro)

  • Gokay
    • Working on Access keys for tabbed view → tabs
      • Highlighting the access key and not just underline them
      • screencast
    • working on Calc – improving sorting of columns
    • Working on Calc: Sorting data coluns displaces the Chart label
  • Szymon
  • Shehr Pushed
    • Now → Easy-hack pretty print. Sometimes the debugger stops at a break point sometimes it doesn’t
      • Szymon will check it, need a paste of that.
    • Now → trying to improve the insert line
      • Nicolas: Maybe we could investigate some improvements around the handles
      • Trying to change the default thickness of the line
  • Gulsah
    • Waiting for reviews
      • Prevent multiple tunneled dialog [paused]
        • Szymon: better to do this on the core side
      • Impress: slide sorter: enabling context menu (to insert slide and paste slide)
        • To do: to be able to insert slide in a particular position (in between 2 exisiting slides)
        • we are sending the uno command but it doesn’t take the position → changed the core side to be able to send position
        • Now: finding the position where user clicked on client side
  • Rashesh
  • Luigi
    • Investigating / testing UI
      • Make sure no 404 erros appears and take a note of which ones are missing
        • Looked → Pedro pushed icons
  • Gabriel
    • working on upgrading 1&1 to 22.05
    • QA team finishing some tests of the migration – feedback was very good.
      • Much better than 21.xx – more stable etc.
  • Cosmin
    • mostly working on the update.
    • QA team finished tests, 22.05 super stable
      • Some of the interesting findings were reproducible without integration
  • Nicolas
    • generally happy with big-ticket items
    • have a number of paper-cuts, should he file them ?
      • Yes – best to report on github (Pedro)
      • using staging a lot – and stumble around on minor UX things
        • documenting the competition.

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Pedro
    • Working on UI blockers from the final 23.05 release
    • And getting the last PRs in for tomorrow’s build
    • Making sure dark mode is more complete


  • Translation stats to go out soon → SM and Forum
  • New contributors/or returning contributions → SM

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Next meeting