How to copy/paste values (instead of formula) in Spreadsheet (Desktop, not Android)

In my use-case, if I copy & paste a cell, I want to copy/paste the value, but what I get is the function/formula.

Let’s say the function is “=B2H2" and the value is “15”, then I want to copy the 15 to paste it into some other cell or software, but what I get is "=B2H2”.

How can I fix this?

Hi @collahund you probably want to trigger the paste special (by pressing insert key on your keyboard):

Thank you for this hint. It helps. However, most of the keyboards we use don’t have an insert key. I figured out that one can press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V to trigger the same. But then an overlay appears saying: “your browser has very limited access to the clipboard - please press now Ctrl-V for more options”. If I press Ctrl-V the paste special window finally opens. Although technically a solution to (part of) my problem, this is extremely impractical during actual work. Do you know of a way to solve this “limited access to the clipboard”-problem?

The main problem I have, however, is that I need to paste values from Collabora into different applications. And there your solution does not work. Also using the Windows standard Ctrl-Shift-V (to paste unformatted text) does not work. I always get the formula instead of the values.

Can you think of a way to solve these two issues?

Hey @pedro.silva maybe I’m going at this in some untypical way? Were you able to reproduce my issue, mainly the second one?