Copy and paste from windows clipboard not working - nextcloud 23

Hi, I have a few nextcloud 23 installs all running, and all have the same isue with nextcloud office/Collabora online.

No matter what browser I try I can’t copy and paste data from external sources (i.e. the windows clipboard) into an online doc, e.g. .odt .ods.

CTRL-V produces no output or warning of any kind. Using the Edit menu and Paste gives the following error:

Your browser has very limited access to the clipboard, so use these keyboard shortcuts

Using CTRL-V as instructed at this point also does nothing. I have also tried paste special (both in the menu and keyboard shortcuts.

Copying and pasting data within a document works just fine.

Pasting data from the windows clipboard into .md files (nextcloud text editor) works just fine as well. This is only the collabora/nextcloud office apps.

But it’s holding back from using as a full live editing tool with multiple people, as we are rarely creating content completely from scratch.

Any one had this issue? I can’t find documentation that says what I am trying to do is not possible but the online help is a bit vague, and the prompt above does seem to indicate that if I use CTRL-V it should work.

Would love some help!