Status report: Pedro's team week 18, 2023

- Built the LibreOffice core and integrated that build with collabora-online
- Set and configured integrator (e.g.: nextcloud) in local machine (used docker image stuff) with COOL
- Now onto mobile issue: Sometimes desktop scroll indicator appears on mobile (top toolbar)

- Created VM and complete setup on Linux
- Building LibreOffice
- Learn about git worktree and other git and linux commands
- Starts to look at issue #3235 and readme files

- Fix misplacement of drop-down triangle on notebookbar (PR #6268)
- Fix Tabbed view: tabs lose format and style when modalpopup is opened #6275 (with PR #6282)
- Fix wrong device detection logic. #6177 (was affecting webview on android devices) (PR #6177)

Andreas K.
- thinking to refactor CSS with more comments and grouping related stuff
   - Pedro: Comments can be a good idea. But we need to be careful when we refactor CSS in order to avoid to change order they are parsed by the browser (so it doesn't change what overrides what). So go for it but please test it.
- Dark Mode add color-scheme: dark setting (PR #6258)
- dark-mode use correct jquery-ui icons with data-theme value (PR #6245)
- add missing lc_setoutline.svg icon (PR #6244)
- Checked Enable document Navigator (issue #6248) -> gave feedback
- mobilewizard button color fix #6263 #6264

Mike D. (@Tex)
- Adding more answers to the Forum
- AI: To file a generic bug on user settings that can encompass other related bugs
- AI:

- PR Reviews, guidance left and right
- Help with stuck others PRs -> ran cypress tests locally, checked manually and merged if possible
- Forum: pinged Rash to look at Error 400 Bad Request URL Too Long
- Add more issues
- COOL Days postmortem meetings
- Impress: Fix imperceptible active (current) slide border (PR #6279)
- Fix misplacement of dropdown triangle on the sidebar (PR #6250)
- More work related to navigator plus css fixes and meetings
- Support issues