Default locale for calc date format

i have a owncloud and code running on an Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS server.
the server local is set to de_DE.utf-8.
but my calc sheets display dates as Tue 04.10.22 - i would expect Di 04.10.22 as it is in my local installation:
lool / code - web:
local lo:

i have installed the language-pack. but this did not seem to do the trick?!
iam missing something?

sunny greetings

Have you switched language in your ownCloud settings to German?

i just tried this - and it worked :slight_smile:
never came to the idea that the document viewing language is dependend on my user interface language…
on my computer i have - for explicit such cases - set the system language to EN and my date and time formats to DE

would be great i coud do the same for this setup…

thanks for this hint!!

sunny greetings

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