Difference between API and UI


I would like to ask you if there is any difference between REST API and Collabora UI. I use collabora as word2pdf converter however it looks like there is difference between API and UI because when I convert docx via REST API picture in CV is missing. However when I save the document directly in collabora, it is successfully converted with all entities in document. Am I missing something? I didn’t find any option in REST API

via API

via UI

It should work the same, do you have a sample you can share?

You can download it from https://bit.ly/3pepjho it is unziped word template. I cant find the source right now . I have searched across the internet to find different templates to check if converter works well.

Thanks for the sample! For me this occurs when opening it in the UI as well, and it’s a fairly recent regression. Are you using the same version for conversion and when checking on the UI?

I get response from my friend who is using libreoffice instead of collabora and his output is identical. I didnt check version yet, but it is clean installation I made on ubuntu.

Identically good or identically bad? :wink:
The first version containing the bug was CODE 6.4.5. It isn’t yet in a LibreOffice release, though the 7.1.1 RC1 should contain it.

This is now fixed, the fix will be part of the next release.

Thanks for info :slight_smile: