Document conversion with Collabora REST API

I’m currently developing a module that takes care of convert .docx documents into .PDF documents.
The conversion is done calling Collabora online REST APIs (Conversion API — SDK documentation)
The process works well if I want to obtain “normal” PDF documents, but I’m not able to find a more detailed documentation of possible parameters that can be sent to the REST API. In the specific what I’d like to know is:
Is it possible to convert .docx documents in a read-only PDF (PDF type A)?

Hi @hal-berto,

There is no defined parameter for this but I implemented something on our custom version and I can push the implementation into community repository. It can be used as follows:

curl -F “data=@Test67.odt” -F “PDFVer=PDF/A-2b” http://localhost:9980/lool/convert-to/pdf

If your interested and patient, I can share this in the following days. BTW, which version are you using ?

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Hi @gmasei11 ,
that’s seems to be a perfect solution.
Version of collabora I’m currently using is:


6.4.9 (git hash: [3ae382d])

Sul server: [ae8660ec])


Collabora Office 6.4-39 (git hash: [2f8a1c8])

“Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS”

Thanks @gmasei11 for the PR on gerrit !

@hal-berto The parameter was included in 6.4 and 21. In order to use it you can build the desired version or wait for the next release.

The parameter supports the following values, depending on the Core version on which Online is based:

  • 6.4: PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF-1.5, PDF-1.6

  • 21: PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-3b, PDF-1.5, PDF-1.6


When using PDF/A-1b the resulted PDF can have sometimes the PDF/A-1a version. For understanding why this is happening please refer to