Document conversion with Collabora REST API

I’m currently developing a module that takes care of convert .docx documents into .PDF documents.
The conversion is done calling Collabora online REST APIs (Conversion API — SDK documentation)
The process works well if I want to obtain “normal” PDF documents, but I’m not able to find a more detailed documentation of possible parameters that can be sent to the REST API. In the specific what I’d like to know is:
Is it possible to convert .docx documents in a read-only PDF (PDF type A)?

Hi @hal-berto,

There is no defined parameter for this but I implemented something on our custom version and I can push the implementation into community repository. It can be used as follows:

curl -F “data=@Test67.odt” -F “PDFVer=PDF/A-2b” http://localhost:9980/lool/convert-to/pdf

If your interested and patient, I can share this in the following days. BTW, which version are you using ?

Hi @gmasei11 ,
that’s seems to be a perfect solution.
Version of collabora I’m currently using is:


6.4.9 (git hash: [3ae382d])

Sul server: [ae8660ec])


Collabora Office 6.4-39 (git hash: [2f8a1c8])

“Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS”

Thanks @gmasei11 for the PR on gerrit !