Error loading 140MB xlsx file

I just installed Collabora on our office server
it works as expected :slight_smile:

however, I am having an issue with loading a specific .xlsx file
the file size is 140mb and the error im getting is:

Failed to load the document. This document is either malformed or is taking more resources than allowed. Please contact the administrator.

Before installing Collabora on the server I installed it on a PC with 4gb of ram.
the Virtualbox was allocated 2gb of ram the file loaded to 23% and I got the above error, I changed the Virtualbox resources to 3.5gb and the file loaded to 93%.

then I installed Collabora on the office server and allocated 12gb of ram to the virtualbox
file loads to 100% and then gives the above error.

For installation I used the VirtualBoxImage:

I tested the file on a local install of Libreoffice on my laptop and the file loads ok.

any assistance is appreciated.

If you want to run with particularly big or memory hungry files, that’s fine - you need to poke your loolwsd.xml configuration. By default we don’t limit the memory a document can consume, but we do limit load time:

    <limit_load_secs desc="Maximum number of seconds to wait for a document load to succeed. 0 for unlimited." type="uint" default="100">100</limit_load_secs>

How long does it take to load in a normal LibreOffice ? perhaps doubling that would make this fly for you.