Font not preserved

Hello, i’m using collabora online

when i add text on the first list item before “Random text”, the font is not preserved.

Random text use calibri font
but the inserted text is ms sans serif

i attached the sample .docx file. What can i do ?


test.docx (14.5 KB)


still same problem on various files.

any help ?

Hey @nadirlouati,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Hello, i’m using collabora online

22.05.14 was just released last week + there were a few bugfixes.

Think you could retest using that version?

If it’s still an issue, then please give the full info in:

  • Help > About page

when i add text on the first list item before “Random text”, the font is not preserved.

Yes, I was able to reproduce this on an older version of COOL too:

  • Clicking at beginning of 1st bullet.
  • Type something.


  • Font = “MS Sans Serif” + 10pt is used.


  • Font = “Calibri” + 13pt.

In LibreOffice 7.5.3, the DOCX works as expected though.

Technical Side Note: Looks like COOL, if you place the cursor:

  • Right after a bullet
  • OR very beginning of the “Résultat” line

typing new text starts using the:

  • “Default Paragraph” Style

which is set to:

  • “MS Sans Serif” + 10pt font

not matching the direct formatting next to the cursor.

Hello again and thanks for the assistance.

same problem with newer docker image

COOLWSD version: hash: [c360011]

LOKit version:
Collabora Office hash: [8e4f947]
Served by: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS [91357248]

Good morning,

it’s a bug related to libreoffice docker version ?

or there’s something i can do by modifying the raw docx file with java library Apacje POI-XWPF ?

Thanks again

it’s a bug related to libreoffice docker version ?

Hmm, maybe, maybe.

Collabora 23.05 is in the works (coming out very soon), let me retest + see if the issue is already solved there!

It looks like the CollaboraOffice 23.05 works on your sample document fine, so hopefully the online version works too!

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Good morning,

thank you for your time

i’m waiting your feedback :alarm_clock:

Okay, looks like it’s still an issue in today’s latest master:

COOLWSD version: git hash: (012b00d6)
LOKit version:
Collabora Office git hash: (bc5c5de)
Served by: Linux Mint 21.1 (33ee7769)

@nadirlouati, do you have a Github account? Think you could:

with your:

  • sample document
  • List of steps
  • + Link to this thread?

(If not, I could submit an Issue on your behalf too.)

Let me know when you do, then I could submit all my debug/testing info to the bug report too. :slight_smile:

issue submitted

Fantastic. Thanks!

I confirmed + added all my info there too.

Hopefully the root cause will get found/squished soon. :slight_smile:

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Good morning,

it seems like no one can handle this wired bug :smiley:

Well, we have it reported in the Github, so now we just wait patiently for a solution (some time in the future). :slight_smile:

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Helo, it’s been a while !

any updates ?

Hey @nadirlouati, thanks for checking in. :slight_smile:

I retested+answered in your Github bug. No change in this specific issue, but you’ll be the first to know.

I just pinged a few of the others to look into it. Hopefully someone will. :slight_smile:

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