Hacktoberfest 2021: 2nd

Minutes: 2nd Meetup
Date: Oct 21, 2021
Next meeting: Oct 28, 2021

Attendees (write your name):
Pedro (CZ), Gabriel (Romania), Hugo (Portugal), Shrikanta (new contributor from India)

       Interesting links:
• https://collaboraonline.github.io/
• https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/slides
• Today a new Youtube playlist will be published with at least a couple of videos
    ◦ encoding is still underway 
• https://www.collaboraoffice.com/online/collabora-online-demo-servers-provide-fast-and-easy-user-access/
       Issues, bugs, easyhacks
• https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/online/labels/Easy%20Hack
• https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/CollaboraOnline.github.io/issues
• https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/collabora-online-sdk-examples/issues
• https://collaboraonline.github.io/post/communicate/

Pull requests:

• Assigned Miklos as a reviewer

It seems there was a problem with GitPod: https://www.gitpod.io/

COOL Days:
We had issues with one of our servers where the videos were being encoded. But nothing was lost we have everything backup and it should go online soonish.

LO conference:
All the COOL talks are already listed with their slides: Talks and Slides by Collabora at the LibreOffice Conference 2021 - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

WE have all the bridges in the whole world
Libera ↔ Telegram ↔ Matrix
Issue with UI switcher and sidebar with 1px
Gabriel: Th issues seesm to start from this change notebookbar: reinitialize only once · CollaboraOnline/online@77821e4 · GitHub
Szymon: probably because there were new changes from core. In core should always be open and then in online we control if it want open or close. I have to look, but it seems to be quite easy to fix it from core.
Szymon: it’s not in the 6.4

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