Collabora Online Weekly meeting #43

Date: Oct 7, 2021

Next meeting: Oct 14, 2021

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gabriel, Pranam, Kendy, Andras, Szymon, Pol

Community update (Pedro)

  • There are a couple of new contributions:

    • 8a8af507f Stavros kois Also add missing parameters
    • e29cbb281 Stavros kois Fix Page… button on Calc for NotebookBar
    • a3f378e72 M.-Kupriyanov Update ingress.yaml
  • Hacktoberfest

    • There is also an effort to expand the hacktoberfest to other repositories surrounding CO (SDK examples, community website etc) So we / I need to add more easy hacks
    • Hacktoberfest : we might have some kind of event but we still need decide
      • This weekend I’m going to be in a podcast (PT/PT-BR only) I will be promoting CO + Hacktoberfest and also some updates on COOL DAYS
    • COOL Days: William taking care of the videos and they will be available soon on YT .
    • Some ideas or feedback from COOL Days? Please feel free to write us, or send by email etc or just tell us in the community meeting : )
      • Gabriel: everything went smoothly and presentations were quite professional

HAproxy / Kubernetes (Pranam)

  • Pranam follow-up wrt. Gabriel’s question
    • checked with the Haproxy people, cannot change the alog from round-robin for the fallback after hashing
    • Will talk to nginx too

Forum (Pedro)

  • Maybe we could somehow motivate more people to help there. The situations just got better. To promote more the forum and link it in other places

Symfony bundle ( Pol )

  • Really busy with work this week
  • What about adding to simple integration examples:
    • The main repository already has that but it’s currently very impartial but not really specific for Collabora Online. Everything is decoupled from anything (just an empty symfony that then he plugs the champs-libres/wopi-test-bundle)This test bundle is only made for testing, we could can make a bundle for Collabora only.
    • There is a distinction between a Symfony app and a bundle, a Symfony app cannot be plugged in into another app. On the contrary, a bundle can be used in any Symfony app.The structure of the wopi-app is as follow: wopi-app < wopi-test-bundle < wopi-bundle < wopi-libFind the wopi app here: GitHub - drupol/wopi-app
    • Simple examples — SDK documentation
    • “Advanced examples“ – and add PHP/Symphony there + description of the bits that it can do
    • PR#3208
      • Pol: I would like to have something standard
      • Kendy: could you please extend the discovery file so it has that? The discovery file is supposed to be something base. I think there I something that generates the file , somehow prepossessed . Could you please create a GH issue and provide some description?
      • Pol: I think we should provide the view name by default

Design bits (Pedro)

Schedule & update (Kendy)

  • CO 2021 Alpha1 the next week
  • Android & iOS the next week too – unless blockers found
    • blinking when the keyboard appeared - fixed
  • Lubos still doing performance work
  • Dennis
    • pinch-to-zoom improved a lot
    • mouse-wheel zoom being improved
  • IOS app
    • Tor polishing this
  • Update notification
    • Admin users notified when there is a new version of CODE
  • CODE 6.4.13 being released too

User Feedback (Andras)

  • Needs to be dockerized …
  • We have the code working – the hardest bit, but … lets see.
    • will chase
    • Pedro: I will be adding an additional DB field to store if it comes from mobile or desktop (but this is not in any shape or form a blocker for the docker bits, it can always be added later on)

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

Next Meeting

Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)