Collabora Weekly meeting #47

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #47

Date: Nov 04, 2021

Next meeting: Nov 11, 2021

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  • Pedro, Gabriel, Alexandru, Andras, William, Kendy, Michael, Thorsten, Szymon,

Community update (Pedro)

  • Hacktoberfest
    • didn’t have time to check what we achieved from the fest …
    • got a couple of new contributors – running ‘git log’ on community website
      • got 8 awesome new contributors:
        • Jaime Pereira
        • noel
        • Marc Rodrigues
        • LUCANM
        • Mariana Beldi
        • Sachin Hatikankan
        • PareshHK
        • Shubham Ingale
    • will create a social media post about this.
    • Learned from this:
      • people can initially look like newbies – with troubles around git
      • but may not be as new as they look – not much experience with git & re-basing
      • but after a bit of help – they can do great stuff.
  • Online side:
    • Hugo with five contributions
    • Julius also contributed a lot
    • others wanted to contribute, but didn’t do a lot in that month.
  • Some forum activity:
  • A positive month.

Test-fest (Pedro)

Forum (Pedro)

  • Great bug on CODE docker startup extremely slow (Michael)
    • thanks to Gabriel for confirming back-port to fix it.
  • People setting sidebar defaults by changing loolwsd.xml
    • although this is/was originally the idea – don’t think it was implemented
    • instruct them to the input field to the iframe with specific values as per SDK
    • 2nd person trying to do this via XML; good to keep an eye on this.
    • Who is authoritative if we add a new setting ? (Michael)
    • would like to have loolwsd forcing the style working (Kendy)
      • even if we need a ‘on/off/frame’ … tri-state ?
        • perhaps an easy-hack … (?)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Redesigning Welcome dialog (Pedro)
    • so we have a three-step slider, with less text & more images / CTA /
      end-points for the community.
    • Release-notes, file a bug, give involved by various ways
  • Next in-line – notification for updating …
    • need to work on that.
  • Lots of things to fix / improve before the release; still some sidebar pieces.
    • In some cases the layout breaks; fixes yesterday night need merging.
  • Updates on comments in notebookbar need to fix the alignment
  • and some specific bits like color-pickers need sorting.
  • Current theme – needs to be at a nice stage in both classic & notebookbar
  • Bit of oddness in the writer / home tab eg. (Michael)

Schedule & update ( Andras )

  • CO-2021
  • 6.4.14
    • will be released today with a number of fixes
  • CO-2021 (Kendu)
    • getting safe renames in for RC1 and discuss
    • rename of loleaflet.html → cool.html is reasonably safe
      • we had a setting for a long time
      • Hesitant about loleaflet… reverse proxy problems?
      • Lets just go for it (Michael)
        • 30-50 patches from Henry already.

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Gabriel created PR:
  • Performance issue around spreadsheets with comments
    • focus was on co-2021 – also experience it in 6.4 …
      • shared some videos.
      • Not so dramatic – it’s reasonable; works ok.
      • Some kind of regression – in 6.4.0 very fast:
      • comments have been re-rewritten (Michael)
        • so not so important that it was good there.
    • File not opening in Firefox – hangs at initializing.
      • Some N^2 in the JS ? (Michael)
        • do poke at it.
  • Recordings for COOL-days ?
    • Some people want to see his presentation !
    • Finishing this now (William)
      • scheduled to be up-loaded, later today … should get the links.
  • Quick update (Alex)
    • working on something else for the company for the last few weeks
    • estimated 1-2 weeks will be done with this major feature
    • will resume work on planned contributions for the frontend.

Default to Notebookbar (Kendy)

  • this is still not merged … need to get that in.
    • Andras to chase.

Cypress bits (Pedro)

  • Rashesh has been working on using Cypress to update screenshots of our help dialog
    • which is seldom updated – has old screenshots with out of date dialogs
    • we have a working PR – tested & shared feedback.
    • Have two extra tests – run the tests, take screenshots – help dialogs updated
    • Wow (Michael)
  • Base work is done – can use it later on to do non-critical testing of UI components
    • able to see aesthetic differences related to a button eg.
    • something we also discussed with Julius – thinking to use on their side
    • can get diff-images – did the button get butchered accidentally …

Update on what we’re up to (Kendy)

  • working to get patches merged for the RC1
    • merging other pieces himself.
  • Biggest things – RTL spreadsheets: Dennis is starting
  • Gokay on a11y improvements.
  • Otherwise lots of bug-fixing left & right.

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro) (William)

  • tool to re-stream on social-media can do that.
  • Lets get some attention to our calls for this ?
    • Can we sometimes skip bits at the end ? (Michael)
  • could we have the first 5 minutes of warm-up (Pedro)
    • to encourage people to actually join us …
    • refrain to record it all.
    • we have the forum – don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot.

Next Meeting

Thursday, Nov 11, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)

@pedro.silva I think we should change the UTC time to 11:00 am.