Collabora Online Weekly meeting #45

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #45

Date: Oct 21, 2021

Next meeting: Oct 28, 2021

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  • Pedro, Michael Alex, Andras, Pranam, Gabriel, Kendy

Community update (Pedro)

  • Nextcloud

  • Hacktoberfest

    • New possible contributor from India
    • Hugo is already in his 5th contribution :slight_smile:
      • do we need more easy hacks ? (Michael)
        • already finding fun things to do (Pedro)
    • Update on LO conference : Collaborans’ slides and videos already available (blog post)
    • Update on COOL Days: pasted the playlist where it will be available

Sidebar pull request (Gabriel)

Test-fest (Michael)

  • Alpha 1 has come out – but not announced ~anywhere ?
    • Pedro to drive getting this announced → own that.
    • Include a date / time – for people to help test it.
    • Can it be next week ? (Pedro)
      • Yes if it gets feedback fast (Michael)
        • can test Beta1 released on Thur.
  • Perhaps can test on the weekend (Pedro)
    • a hacktober-fest thing there … help them to test.
    • File bugs in github.
  • Publish our (blank) SmokeTest matrix to get it filled out:
    • Ezeinne working on that; good to have more hands.
  • Need to be able to hand out accounts → on …
    • Another public test machine without ASAN lagginess ? (Andras)
  • Perhaps better to switch it away from ASAN for a bit (Kendy)

Forum (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Regression in 2021

    • regarding the page – hard shadows & strong outline / border
    • already merged – thanks to Szymon
  • Redesigning Welcome dialog (Pedro)

    • in the Beta should be more helpful & with less text; 2-3 slide-able content pieces
    • release notes, get involved etc.
  • Help → About – LibreOffice Technology (Pedro)

    • now our about dialog will get an additional image – LibreOffice Technology logo (logo done by Elisa, thanks :slight_smile:
    • and a simple link to more information & credits – hopefully up soonish.
    • We have a new credits page here: lo-technology - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
    • Also there were improvements for the extra buttons that are inserted via Insert_Button postmessage api (they were being wrongly positioned, sized and re-tinted) [Pranam reviewing]

Schedule & update (Kendy)

  • Cleanup of dependencies – getting rid of IE11 stuff
  • Also sanitizing URLs – not to have loleaflet in them → cool URLs.
    • will affect haproxy / reverse proxies setup; has to be documented.
    • We have to be backwards compatible (Michael)
      • if accessed from a legacy URL can remember that ?
      • How to do that via discovery … (Kendy)
        • serve the old URLs still – in hosting/discovery ?
    • Add a loolwsd.xml setting defaulting if not present to true to use new URLs (Michael)
  • been reading NGINX (Pranam)
    • seems we can use custom conditions to load balance.
  • CO 2021 Beta1 next week
  • concerned wrt. performance of this server (Michael)
    • it is running sanitizers (Andras)
  • Android builds – done …
    • now deployed to up to 50% of the users,
    • one report of data-loss, zero-byte file; Kendy’s team investigating
      • Mert created a blind fix (Szymon)
        • we never write zero byte files back.
        • Already merged
        • minor regression – nothing is saved (Aron)
          • this needs fixing first.
      • So can re-spin the release (Andras)
  • Szymon:
    • fixing some formula bugs in calc after using pivot tables
    • selecting ranges for formulas & pivot tables.
  • Henry: Update notification still ongoing
  • Ash: copy-paste fix is done: a JS exception
  • Mike on formula editing …

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • just tested Szymon’s sidebar fix – create a gerrit pull request ?
    • Sounds like a good plan (Szymon)
  • Do we have a patch for URL access_token hiding ?
    • Ash is working on it (Michael)
      • annoying that we create DocumentBroker when websocket connects.
      • Would like to review.
  • Currently a bit on hold (Alexandru)
    • still working on other things.
    • Will work on upgrade after that.

Notebookbar as default ? (Aron)

  • in the new version ?
  • Yes it should be the default (Pedro)
    • many integrators set to classic mode as default – so shouldn’t forget that.
    • Can stick to classic if the key is not present (Michael)
  • will patch it (Aron)

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

  • one open from Hugo, and a new contributor from India in a JS issue – Pedro helping out.

Next Meeting

Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)

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