Header and Footer Templates for the whole newly created documents

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I am using collabora online on Nextcloud and I loved it a lot. I just have on question, I am using collabora online in my organization and we have common heading and footer designs. What I wanted to achieve is, I want to have default header and footer so that whenever I create new document it will have the default header and footer by default.

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For templates, you can add those in the settings for Nextcloud > Office > Global templates.

@cornouws thanks for your suggestion
but I have tried that once, and I didn’t get it, I mean, does that option provide what I am asking for? and let’s say I have a blank document with the design of the footer and header on it, how do I import that as a global template?

how do I import that as a global template?

Just via the UI, as I explained. I cannot see what went wrong when you tried in the past. So pls give it another try :slight_smile:

I tried to import .docx file as a template and it gave me an error. What kind of file format do I need to use as a template? specifically for Header and Footer design

Ah … Templates for text files are OTT (ODF format). And on desktop you can also use DOTX templates (Microsoft format). Not sure if the latter works online as well.


Thank you so much it worked for me now.

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Wonderful to hear!