Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #55

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #55

Date: Jan 13, 2022

Next meeting: 20/01/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Pranam, Gabriel, Alexandru, Julius,
    Aron, Thorsten, Kendy, Michael, Andras

Community update (Pedro)

Forum activity:

  • Problems creating new documents from custom ott template
  • “I’m running into an issue with Collabora and Nextcloud installed on TrueNAS SCALE (the most current RC)” → View in Forum
    • (Still) needs more info (Michael)
      • may be able to link someone to us (Julius)
  • Update from 6.4 to 21: now initialisation in Nextcloud is very slow → View in Forum
    • Setup with Apache
      • “I timed this at just over one minute, which almost makes me think it’s waiting for something else to time out for one minute.”
    • Answered in a curious way (Pedro)
      • in Chromium – no delay.
      • Need a screenshot of F12 / network profiling in Firefox (Michael)
  • First reports on missing status bar and their elements

CI (Pedro)

  • Ash merged his cypress improvements
    • made his changes work – but … still failing ~50% of the time
  • npm / json issue biting us on Ubuntu 20.03 (Alexandru)
    • not encountered the error again
    • working on these conflicts for an in-progress merge-request

File path tooltip (Alexandru)

  • Pointed at Weblate for translation (Pedro)
  • Andras reviewed too, now needs to approve it.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • fixed the scrollbar issue on Windows.
  • Many many fixes include, and nailed some regressions
  • fixed a place where missing icons were showing as broken on mobile.
  • Reviewing RTL changes form Szymon.

W hat we’re up to (Szymon)

  • RTL – merged part of the work related to Online
    • found a few different issues with what was missing.
    • Move comments to left & fixed bundles & normal comments when doing editing for input fields.
    • Fixed user-button-list & hamburger menu showing in notebookbar
  • Now focusing on tunneled dialogs again.
    • Two main things left: position of cursor if user is typing, a few widgets are RTL when layout is LTR.
  • Dennis’ core calc work is merged too
    • needs some follow-on polishing.
    • Canvas for calc issue:
      • great with LTR UI, but changing language of user to RTL – clicking on cells can have issues with different cell sizes.
        • Good to file it (Michael)
          • and some hinits on testing here
  • Still lots of fixing ongoing (Kendy)
    • nothing else as big as RTL.

Schedule & update ( Timar )

  • Continue on-schedule
  • New CODE 21.11 release today (and an RC for COOL 21.11)
    • testing RC – will release later today.
  • Another final next week.

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Design contributions (Pedro)

  • Many of Andreas K’s commits were merged recently
  • some are being iterated.

1&1 bits

  • Just back from vacation (Gabriel)
  • need to talk about l10n for new feature (Alexandru)
  • have a logging change from window.console.log (Alexandru)
    • need to resolve conflicts – with some new commits.
    • Inevitable with console.log (Michael)
    • best not to override console.log on window
    • makes sense.
  • After this onto other requests (Alexandru)
  • What version ? (Michael)
    • still on an old 6.4 (Gabriel)
      • postponed upgrade for now.
      • Hoped to get it in one or two months.

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