How can I set a custom logo for light mode?

I’m using Collabora through Nextcloud and I’m having an issue since my logo is white, it’s only working in dark mode. I was wondering if there were environment variables or some way to override the logo on the light mode?


Any help is appreciated!

As you can see it’s much better in dark mode which I don’t use often.


Can you explain how did you get the logo inserted there in the first place?

Also knowing which exact versions of Collabora + Nextcloud you are using too.

That might make it easier to help. :slight_smile:

To customize the logo you must go in Nextcloud > Administration settings > Theming > Logo > Upload.

It’ll update the logo for the whole Nextcloud instance including applications like Collabora, etc.

Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.0)
COOLWSD version: (git hash: 594b605 (E))
LOKit version: Collabora Office (git hash: 31b6e2c)
Served by: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
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Ahhh fantastic! Thanks so much for this info! (I didn’t even know that was a possibility.)

I typed that into search and stumbled across this:

which looks like your exact issue!

Looks like there was talk of a potential “Light Logo” / “Dark Logo” buttons being added.

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Yeah I’ve seen that discussion but it’s been dead since 2023 now.