How correct height of sheet tabs?

Hi Fiends!
Using Collabora Online 6.4-50 (will be updated by the end of the month), the sheet tabs are almost invisible because their height is just a few pixels.

Is it possible to fix height via css parameters?
If so, which files need to be modified?
I verified that disabling the “bottom” CSS value selector:

#spreadsheet-toolbar {
  bottom: 35px;

solves the problem.

Here a short screen-record
Here a test calc sheet

Many Thanks!

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Collabora Online 6.4 is out of its three years of enterprise support IIRC; that’s something seriously old you have going there; please try with the latest CODE 24.04 or stable 23.05 :slight_smile:

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Yes @danjde . What mmeeks said. :slight_smile:

Update to the latest, then let us know if you still have the issue.