HYPERLINK() Function Bug

HYPERLINK() on a CONCAT cell does not work, this is easily reproducible:

  • while =SUM(1+(1*2)) shows right result “3”
  • =HYPERLINK(SUM(1+(1*2))) shows text “3” within a cell
    – but generates a hyperlink http://SUM(1+(1*2))

Hi @shaung and what was the expected result?

As far as I understand the hyperlink function uses the following syntax: HYPERLINK("URL") or HYPERLINK("URL"; "CellText") where the text is optional and the URL is obligatory and then when user ctrl + clicks it opens that link.

Yes I am aware of the Syntax but we’re talking about creating a hyperlink from the result of a formula.

For example in my case this is a CONCAT of two cells.

If i do this and hover the link (it does show as a link by the way), the hover box shows “http://CONCAT(cell1, cell2)”

Oh I see , I just tried on my side and I get:

Look at your own screenshot, the popup for the link shows the wrong link, and when you click it it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

You are right that ctrl + click works, I didn’t know about that so thanks, but it’s still a bug :slight_smile:

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Ah ! you are right, now I understand the issue, sorry a bit slow today : p Could you please paste this info as a new trackable GitHub issue?