Improve uno:Line minutes

Present: Pedro, Shehr
Issue: Difficult to select lines · Issue #1462 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

# First approach: Try to change the dafautl value

itemwin.cxx:IMPL_LINK_NOARG tried to change the aArgs here But didn't work. How can I pass the arguments here?

- Was able to change the uno commands and see it reflected on online
   - But LineWidth is not a uno commads that creates nothing. Is a property. How to change that LineWidth by default?
     - LineWidth seems to be set in core : oox/source/drawingml/lineproperties.cxx via getLineWidth():

sal_Int32 LineProperties::getLineWidth() const
     return convertEmuToHmm( moLineWidth.value_or( 0 ) );

But changing `0` to `6` doesn't affect online neither core side

and convertEmuToHmm in (include/oox/drawingml/drawingmltypes.hxx) only does:

/** Converts the passed 64-bit integer value from EMUs to 1/100 mm. */
inline sal_Int32 convertEmuToHmm( sal_Int64 nValue )
     return o3tl::convertNarrowing<sal_Int32, o3tl::Length::emu, o3tl::Length::mm100>(nValue);

# Second approach: Try to increase the active area

Where is this defined? searched for "selection" or "bounding box" found nothing. Please try "frame"

# Notes:

Notes how to print stuff on core side:
How to debug
there are modules to help you debug this