Status report: consultancy team, week 1, 2024


  • tdf#158965 Find Record: Similarities dialog won’t appear
  • consider “SIGSEGV while editing a .xls file” for a bit
  • tdf#158423 build failure with libxml 2.12
  • tdf#158997 calc optimal col width too narrow to render text
  • poke at “SSL verification for Duden” to see if it works now and what’s outstanding
    • look at stack trace and theorize where the null deref happens
  • find a few uninitialized member variables in new code
  • fix xlsx fuzzer to actually do something useful
    • ofz#65567 Heap-use-after-free swiftly found afterwards



The mouse doesn’t get activated in the cell that it needs to be activated:

  • Found the issue - when we determine into which column the mouse pointer hit, we add a column when the mouse is outside of the screen area
    • This is done in ScViewData::GetPosFromPixel
    • This shouldn’t be a problem normally, but for some reason for the second created view, the window (pixel) size of the GridView is set to a default (small) value (about 800x600).
    • For the first view the window size is much bigger, so we don’t hit this edge case
    • Worked around this issue with this for now
      • just enable the extra condition when we don’t use LOK
    • But the main issue is still not resolved - why the window size not set to the browser window size or at least to the size of what it is in the first view
    • LOK call SetClientVisibleArea doesn’t change the GridView window size
    • investigating further…


Worked on:

  • “Calc: Hyperlink dialog (External link) from another view” (cool#7865)
  • “writer - form nasty …” (tdf#158999)
  • “Status bar is shown in various languages with different language users present” (cool#7492)