Status report: consultancy team, week 20, 2023


  • fix the most recent fuzzing findings
  • Writer collaborative performance in 23.05
    • If its real slow in 23.05 and was mostly acceptable in 22.05, but
      all of this VirtualDevice using code is basically ancient then
      something must have changed to push us into that path
    • as far as I can see there is a massive invalidate on every
      keystroke which surely isn’t right
    • sorted with gerrit#151807
  • dig around to see if this VirtualDevice path gets called anymore now
    • find another similar case, but can only be called from the
      web-view html editor case as some sort of optimization attempt
    • looks dubious to me at this point so remove that
  • realize I broke gen RTL since Jan, fix:
    • gerrit#151874
  • wanted to have a quick check of a calc RTL dialog issue I saw a bug
    bug report about, but:
  • a check in 23.05 seems to show that no RTL dialogs are working
    in that version at all. Dropdowns are ok though.
  • szyklos fixes, neat
  • take what feels like forever to get a working test that would have
    caught the std::optional regression
  • poke at some of the larger documents associated with some of the
    performance things to get a feel for what’s problematic
    • what gets invalidated in some tables looks rather odd
    • would need a relatively long debugging session to make sense of it


ReqIF schema validation errors during listing export

  • Partially fixed
  • On it


  • Debugged and fixed dark mode related bug in Calc dark mode view separation
  • Started working on dark mode bug that happens when dragging graphic around


Add basic interoperable document theming to Calc & Writer

  • Added a test for theme color OOXML export for Calc
    • only for fill, char is a work in progress
  • Refactored the Calc OOXML export (and import - shared) structures to use
    ComplexColor instead
    • needed to get text color properly exported
    • also change ComplexColor so it can be used instead of ::Color
    • add finalColor property which represents the calculated final color, but
      can be also set (currently)
    • use that to transport the Color value around
    • stop with Calc theme support for now - concentrate on bugfixing and polish
  • Change the element and attribute names in ODF
    • needs to reflect the change from ThemeColor to ComplexColor
    • instead of *-color-theme-reference just use the name *-complex-color
    • also change the name of a bunch of remaining classes in xmloff from
      “ThemeColor” to “ComplexColor”
  • Work on properly tint/shade colors in the color picker
    • depends on lightness of the color, so we create better theme color
      variants (with LumOff and LumMod)
    • if not, a too dark or too light color will generate not that useful color
      variants in the picker
      • too similar


  • worked on multi-page floating tables in Writer, see tdf#155118 comment 5 for details