Status report: consultancy team, week 34, 2023



  • reviewed (most of) Tomaz’s theming patches
  • Exporting multiple consecutive spaces to ReqIF-XHTML: progressed with this


  • Pushed a couple patches for " Calc: Display first line in cell by default when reading Excel file, roundtrip/editing case" that seem to solve the issue, now awaiting testing


Finish document themes for Impress:

  • change model::Theme location to SdrModel for Writer and Calc and SdrPage
    (master) for Draw and Impress
  • remove theme tab page for the dialog
  • undo for model::ColorSet change in SD
  • fixing code to get into master
  • backporting to co-23.05
  • added theme dialog for Calc, Impress to COOL
  • more various fixes and test