Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #54

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #54

Date: Jan 6, 2022

Next meeting: 13/01/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Michael, Kendy, Andras, Bearon, Szymon, Nicolas C.

Community update (Pedro)

Forum activity:

  • Problems creating new documents from custom ott template

  • “I have a problem, with one of my nextcloud instances after I restored the installation from a backup (only data and db dump was available). Now, I can’t open any document file with collabora” → View in Forum

    • Update: Aron ask additional question, user already answer, has 2 servers, sees green and has certificates but still: “I can’t open any document file with collabora. Only the download dialog and no error message appears.”
    • Looks like a configuration issue.
  • “I’m running into an issue with Collabora and Nextcloud installed on TrueNAS SCALE (the most current RC)” → View in Forum

    • Needs more info (Michael)
  • Update from 6.4 to 21: now initialisation in Nextcloud is very slow → View in Forum

    • Setup with Apache
      • “I timed this at just over one minute, which almost makes me think it’s waiting for something else to time out for one minute.”
    • Needs more info (Michael)
  • First reports on missing status bar and their elements

    • Information bar to the right is gone in Calc in NextCloud
      • should we auto-show / hide these ? (Michael)
        • to avoid cyclical flickering / re-sizing problems.
        • need to check what others do (Kendy)
          • GDocs has no status bar, O365 has it in excel and word
      • Jan is working on a mockup of this (Pedro)
        • lets see next week.

CI (Pedro)

  • Review process in github – brought new things …
    • Szymon and Ash improved cypress reliability
    • sometimes review takes longer than we expect
    • buts more focus on CI breakage
  • npm / json issue biting us on Ubuntu 20.03
    • saw more people poking this on IRC
    • solution – still not definitive.
      • removed NPM completely, and then it worked …
    • wait for Alexandro – perhaps next meeting; will ping him.

GitHub Issues

Enable Save As feature that would if necessary ask and convert to the desired format ( example VSD, VSDX,)

  • now done in two places for COOL + Android

Scrollbars (document vs sidebar)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Fixes top menu on classic mode
  • Fix sidebar element on Draw
  • Fix document has been changed dialog layour and also fix it on mobile plus add missing button
  • Also other long term low prio stuff enter such as new forum icon
  • More PR’s waiting to be merged – better handling of empty screens on mobile, also fix for highlighting etc
    • Tested & merged a PR around units on the sidebar (Pedro)
      • now inside the items themselves instead of outside.
  • Updated forum icon (Andreas K.)
  • More CSS Vars and nice cosmetic fixes (Andreas K.)
    • simplified repeated colors
    • some additional things – contextual bits on mobile.
    • WIP – bits on color drop-downs …
      • need to absorb theme colors soon too (Michael)

Schedule & update ( Gokay )

  • New CODE 21.11 release today (and an RC for COOL 21.11)
  • Another next week, and in the third week a final release

a11y bits (Gokay)

  • Fixes around duplicate ids on HTML elements from Szymon
  • improved keyboard handling in JS-dialogs – have the default button & focus is kept in input fields when we are using the default action.
    • In find & replace – important to keep it in the dialog – not jump to document in the search.

W hat we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Fixed opening of zero byte ODS files → opened in calc
  • Debugging another two bugs
    • related to paragraphs in writer, to keep correct style after new paragraph
    • then RTL of tunnelled dialogs
      • had a call with Szymon/Gokay – to try this …
      • three or four duplicate ‘mirroring’ settings (Michael)
        • hard to find – works in DT office (Szymon)
        • in ‘paint’ – we have a special code-path for LOK case.
          • Missing some of the settings.
  • Lots of bug-fixing (Gokay)
    • cell selections, deletions of entire pages performance
    • opening files on NC – could do it with the wrong UI
  • Lots of testing.
  • Delta work ongoing & fun in private/mmeeks/deltas (Michael)

Header area ( Pedro)

  • Jan commented in the PR – everyone is happy with the contextual bar on desktop
    • but needs to be instantaneous – no un-necessary animations going on.

Testing iOS (Nicolas)

  • Testing all the existing bugs vs. the new iOS release
  • trying to migrate tickets to gitlab
    • release is quite good
    • looking forward to new release …
  • Improvements in other areas help for iOS stuff, working reliably.

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