Inserting cell reference by click

I have installed Collabora Online Development Edition on Nextcloud 20.0.7. It works fine but the only way to reference a cell in a formula in another cell is by typing the column and row (A8 or B27). However I cannot just click on the cell I want to reference, since then my formula editing will be closed and the focus will change to that other cell that I actually wanted to reference.

I tried all modifier key combinations possible but it just seems quite a simple thing that’s available in every single other spreadsheet tool in other office suites… basically be able to reference another cell by clicking on it. Am I doing something wrong? or is this just not implemented?

I am replying myself. Somehow this functionality started working again by itself. I don’t really know what could have been wrong, but now it’s working. I can click on another cell and the cell will be inserted as reference in the formula.