iPad mini: collabora office text/calc editing not working

I would like to create and change text and calc files on my iPad mini by means of collabora office.
Current OS is iPadOS 15.8
Collabora Office Version is
I start with empty file (blank sheet in text resp. calc). After activating the editing by clicking on the pencil sign on the bottom the menu appears as well as the virtual keyboard of the iPad. But no touch of the virtual keyboard of the iPad shows reaction.
A text, which was written outside, can be inserted. But this text cannot be altered by the format menu.
Saving works, i.e. the text will be saved.

Is there a basic setting needed?
Any general restriction on iPads?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @AWA, welcome to the forum + thanks for the version info and question.

Hmmmm… very odd.

After pressing the pencil icon, it should allow you to just begin typing/editing inside your documents.

Do you happen to have any strange:

  • Devices connected to your iPad? (Keyboard, mouse, etc.?)
  • iOS settings enabled, like VoiceOver? (Where the iPad will be reading what’s on your screen out loud?)

Nope, not really. It should just work. (Especially if you are using your fingers just like any other app.)

Dear Tex,

thank you for your response.
There is no hardware connected nor voice over activated.
May be it’s an individual issue with the device, which cannot be changed by the settings.
I will follow up and post new ideas or solution.


Yes, it could be… Do you have another iOS device to test on?

I brought it up in last week’s COOL’s Weekly Meeting, and the other iOS testers didn’t have any issues like this… so it could be a unique mix of settings or iOS setup you have.

Hard to fix it unless we can narrow down what’s causing the strange keyboard issue on your device.

Yes, definitely. If you have any more tests/ideas, let us know. :slight_smile:

(I use Android, so I’m not that familiar with iOS… so all I can really do is take educated guesses at what the issue might be.)

I’m been having the same issue for some weeks now, using iPadOS 14.6 and Collabora Office version 23.05.5. After an update, I can’t directly type any character anymore neither using my Bluetooth keyboard nor the virtual keyboard.
I am still able to copy/paste text from elsewhere, select text and interact with it (editing font types and size, change colours, etc.). Keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Z still seem to work, too. It’s just not possible to type anything on the document itself. (Typing in the searching bar still works.)

Hey @Lumos. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

There is a new iPad version (23.05.7) on the way soon. (I think around January 18th?) Hopefully that fixes it.

If not, then please report back.

Side Note: A few weeks ago, a user posted a video on Github showing off an iOS + “keyboard not being able to type” issue:

Is that the same exact symptoms you are having?

Yes, I can confirm that I’m experiencing the same symptoms as shown in the video.
I’ll wait for the next version! Thanks for following up

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@Lumos @awa Mine works okay on an iPad gen 9 running iPadOS 17.2 (the latest version). Can you upgrade to v17 and try again?

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Dear all,
this seems to be the root of the problem: the old iOS version. Unfortunately I have an iPad 2nd (!) gen. Apple does not support anymore, thus I am stuck with iOS 15.8.
The question is: Is there an (older) Collabora Version still available, which works on iOS 15.8.?
If so - how can I get this? Would it make sense to install it?
Thanks to all contributors

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Hmmm… I’ll have to ask, but I don’t believe so. I suspect Collabora 6.4 (the version from early 2021) would’ve been the one that ran on that iOS version.

But there were major overhauls of the mobile apps since then. (Including 3 major releases, 21.11 + 22.05 + 23.05.)

And… iOS/Apple doesn’t really play nice. They want to force you into using their app store / ecosystem + latest versions only.

On Android, you would still be able to manually install an older APK if you wanted to—but on iOS, you are pretty limited to only what Apple hands you.

Hmmm… Well, nothing would be stopping you from using the web-based/self-hosted version. So you’d be able to do something like:

  • Run Collabora Online on one of your computers/servers (or Nextcloud).
  • Open Safari and visit the document/URL.

I suspect that would be the way to still work with documents on a much older iOS version.

As long as you have a browser, you’d be able to open/edit documents. :slight_smile:

Still haven’t received the new app version… I’d prefer to not update my iPad, so I asked some people to test the app.

iPad ???, iOS 15.0 - NOT working
iPad 5th Gen, iOS 16.7.2 - working fine

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I think a fix for this just came in by a developer. It should be available in:

  • 23.05.7

Hopefully releasing soon. :slight_smile:

Those who have this “iOS not being able to type” issue, please retest using that version after it comes out.

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Also, anyone with iOS issues…

If you want to test the beta for the “Collabora Office” app, use this link:

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Ftr: @Tex I added my device to TestFlight and the test version no longer works for entering text with my Apple Pencil, iOS 17.3, iPad gen 9. I submitted a bug in TestFlight. I suspect it is related.

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Can confirm the app is now working for me, in version 23.05.7 downloaded from the App Store.
(iOS 14.6, iPad 6th gen)
Thanks to developers and for the TestFlight link!

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Fantastic. Thanks for testing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing and submitting the regression/bug too. Submitting it through the form lets them become aware of any new issues too. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bingo - now it works! I did not do anything in this issue thee last weeks. Now I have opened by chance the app and could edit the text and the calculation file. Obviously the app was updated in the background. Thank you very much to all who have managed this.


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Fantastic to hear @AWA . Thanks. :slight_smile: