Mattermost broke after update to Collabora 24.4.4

We have been beta testing the collabora plugin to Mattermost and are really liking it so far. We updated apt packages (including collabora) and the next morning started getting reports of users unable to see anything. We disabled collabora after narrowing in on some error logs and mattermost runs properly again. Is this the right place to ask about this?

Hey @lpnc welcome to the forum + great to hear you were liking it so far. :slight_smile:

Q1. What version of Mattermost + OS are you running?

And if I’m understanding you correctly:

  • 24.04.4 broke
  • 24.04.3 was running fine?

Were the error logs saying anything specific? Do you happen to still have those?

Yep, although I’ll move it to the “User Support” section so it’s easier to find. :slight_smile: