Nextcloud/Collabora/Docker not working without IPv4 Address?

Hi, i have the Nextcloud /Colabora Docker setup. Recently I moved my installation to a Proxmox VM which has only IPv6 (because IPv4 is depreciated).

I have my COCS docker container up and running and it can be accessed from my next cloud instance as before.

But now I see the following error and within next cloud I get the error page could not be loaded:

ERR  Failed to connect to XXX (EADDRNOTAVAIL: Cannot assign requested address)| net/NetUtil.cpp:128

Can you confirm, that the docker variant only works with an IPv4 DNS entry?

Ok found out that its needed to enable IPv6 support than it works like a charm

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Network settings

Collabora Online can use IPv4, IPv6 or both. By default it uses both. See the net.proto setting config file.

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