Weekly COOL meeting #95

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #95

Date: Nov 03 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Julius, Raul, Pedro, Szymon,Gökay, Gülşah, Julius, Andras, Ezinne, Szymon, Nicolas, Michael

Gabriel (1&1)

  • wsd: add lang param to conversion #5359 → waiting for review (Ash) (goal is to enforce that lang param)
    • affects date type cells (default locale) → seems awesome.
    • AI (Pedro) : update SDK docs to add &lang=fr-FR or whatever.


Adfinis crowdfunding already live: Voice up your LibreOffice — Crowdfunding bei wemakeit

please tell Elisa she did a lot of great work on the crowdfunding, making the video, etc

Let’s share, spread the word All the money goes to fund the good work. The goal needs to be reach or else the money goes back to the people who donated

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • CODE 22.05 new minor release → next week → then in 3 weeks another
  • Master is frozen

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Double clicking on a cell doesn’t switch to edit mode → already looked at it, it seems on purposed (part of 7e056939d9a7ff94f61bd1008ec3cdac5cecc0d5 (gerrit core ) → waiting (is failing, tried locally and it passes… )
  • Hide insert menu item when in readonly mode by pedropintosilva · Pull Request #5351 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
  • Chart size PPTX → Impress. Now working on this following Quikee code pointers
  • Copy paste issue in calc (selecting row) working this → Michael’s comment : it’s taking too much time probably there is something else going on there as well
  • Read-only mode improvements (statusbar)
  • Fixes for notebookbar popups (insert shape and connectors)
  • Read-only mode → now it is more visisble when we are in read-only mode
  • Ongoing study on tabbed view → is to improve button placement to emphasize some actions over other

Design bits (Pedro and others

Other ongoing work

  • Uses some interaction handling sync, not working at the moment
  • Pranam: Fixed all the issues related to comments
    • back to kubernetes
    • work on improving sidebar on impress (multiple users)
  • Szymon:
    • Working with Ash on embedded video (impress) [done, will be release next week CODE]
    • Impress tiles fix → MasterPage → Still in the review (Gokay) [merged]
    • Rendering problems on Calc: F2 to edit formula: Currently we don’t see the edits up until we press enter [fixed, cleaned up, waiting for tests]
      • First part merged now (some invalidations missing)
    • Notebookbar disappears in some cases (inserting non existing path) → fixed
    • Scrollbars: Improving scrolling behaviour (calc only) → now working on this
      • Scroll depending on the existing content
      • Next: possible to scroll cell by cell via arrow buttons
      • , Now it scroll only the data
  • Nick
    • Exporting as PDF dialog → async


  • zstd → merged should be there on the server side …
  • Calc fixes for our finance team → insert/delete cells & associated dialogs → JS dialogs.
  • Still need to chase writer full-screen invalidations …


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