Performance issue (lag) when reaching 7-8 users on the same doc


We’re running nextcloud 20.0.9 and Collabora CODE, latest version as a docker container (collabora/code as available on dockerhub). Then we have installed the richdocument app in NextCloud.

The host runs Debian buster, running the default PHP-FPM version (7.3). In front of that there is Apache 2.4 configured exactly as documented in Collabora Online Office – Nextcloud (at the bottom).

Both the Collabora container and NextCloud runs on the same host.

No warning or such in NextCloud configuration check, everything looks correctly configured.

When I’m alone, for instance in a Writer document, it is alright. I won’t say “smooth”, but it’s usable when typing. When we’re reaching 7-8 people at the same time on the document, there is a huge delay when typing something (like 1-3 seconds). Said differently, it’s pretty unusable.

The server doesn’t look that much loaded in terms of CPU. What could be the other cause(s) of such a performance drop ?

A recent upgrade of CODE in last day or so is enormously faster for me, I am using a nightly build 6.4.8 (git hash: [6a844e4] (javascript:void(‘Commits · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub’));)).

The improvements I see may be to do with the performance wins mentioned in Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #23 so try 6.4.8*4 or later.

My gut feeling is recent releases have been slower than normal and this release has tuned up the performance of new software that was introduced (Toolbars and Canvas?). I wouldn’t have a clue if this will help you. So this is just fyi.

btw a week or 2 ago I upgraded to Nextcloud v21 in another environment and noticed an improvement over v20, but that could be my shared cloud server!

It is back to performing just about like a local app for me, and I am another continent away from my server.

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Now that we are in NC 21 and Collabora 6.4.10 I observe the same symptoms than 4 month ago, and still happen when we reach 7-8 concurrent users in the same Writer document.

Just a thought and I have no experience here, I read somewhere that it runs best on a separate server. Also, l don’t know if there is a performance hit when run in a container compared to the Univention App Center KVM, VirtualBox, VMware Workstation and VMware ESXi installation options. But it is probably safe to say that installation from packages will give the best performance. I have read that work is underway towards improving performance but I don’t know when.

Hi, I just saw this video about multi-user enhancements that may be of interest to you, if you’re not aware already. llunak: Optimizing LibreOffice for a larger number of users