Support Math in Collaboraoffice

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I installed collaboraofficebasis-math on the debian server, but couldn’t find the option to edit formulas in documents

Is libreoffice-math supported in collaboraoffice?

Debian packages version 21.06.11-1

P. Marsik

I asked the same question, it seems not yet. I have a small company and it’s a major issue for us actually. We do engineering and need to write equations, so it limits significantly the usefulness of Collabora for us. Basically, I doubt we’d switch to the paid version until that was implemented.

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P. Marsik


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3 choices, can wait, or switch to the paid version which could go towards it coming sooner, or pay for it to be added so others benefit too.

Thanks everyone for reporting your wishes, could you please make it formal by creating a feature request? : Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

as @rpear pointed out, that would be one of the ways to pull the boat towards what you want : )

Hi @marsik and @crobar I have added a feature request for you. Support Math in Collabora Online · Issue #4049 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub If it doesn’t sound right to you please add a comment, or let me know and I’ll change it.

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I previously found Math mentioned in weekly meeting where apparently some work had started

Mike K started on bringing Math to Online … for editing equations.

Getting code enabled for LOK case – does it render to tiles etc.

more advanced changed there too …

    changing the current toolbar for various symbols into a sidebar etc.


Thank You. We will wait…

P. Marsik

Could this feature development be suitable for a GSoC project?

Hi @crobar I think this might be really a quite big and complex task for a student plus the GSoC’s dealines for ideas ended last Monday : /

ok, thanks, obviously I have no idea of the complexity, but just thought I’d ask!

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